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[Predictons] Nucker-Deadline

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Gonna' spitball speedily through this. Predicting FOUR deadline deals. Core out the door. Lotsa' youth/picks to come...

-Kesler to CBJ(GawdIhopeso!)

-Edler to TBay

-Lu-package to Wash

-Burr/Garr/Higgy to NYI

After breaking all them NTC-hearts, MG will resign(shift to different franchise position); LG takes over, prior to draft.

So, predicting FOUR trades by Wed-deadline.

How many deals will be consummated??(predict # of deals, & destination, if you please).

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I'm so scared with MG in control of this.....it's like Denzel Washington in "Flight"

I just hope we can blow up this core successfully

Easier to break than build. Get the offers in, then make a group(consensus)decision. Like at the draft table. MG attaches his name to the sell-off; then exits stage-left. Similar to Howson in CBJ.

I like MG as a GM, but he's a polarizing figure. Too many rival-GM's apparently have an axe to grind. Might be better if he does some necc dirty-work, then allow LG the finishing touches.

This will all prob take 2 or 3 yrs.

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That is the team that has the potential to be a dynasty in the next 3 or 4 years and certainly a perennial cup contender

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