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Bigfoot sighting on Van Island?

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The news said a story was coming up about a boater who may have seen the mythological creature Bigfoot, and then later on Colleen Christie was like "Oh yeah, that supposed Bigfoot sighting, that story is going to be tomorrow" Or something like that. I have never heard of them doing that with any story, what's up with that?

Must've been my friend. He wears a size 21 shoe and he is 6'6.

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Up until 10-15 years ago there were no grizzly bears on the island, now they're becoming a regular sighting on the north end. The theory is they're younger bears who have been displaced or 'exiled' by more aggressive adult bears.

(I know that has nothing to do with bigfoot, I just figured this useless thread could benefit from a random interesting fact).

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