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(Question) What Does No Trade Mean

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Consider this

Torts trashes his team publicly, blames them for his ineptness and fundamentally demands a roster change.

Gillis states eveyone is on the trade block.

The press is all over Kessler's unhappiness with the Vancouver situation.

So what if nothing happens?

Can we assume that the owners have made an assessment that nothing is to be gained by short term trades under unfavorable circumstances? Can we assume that the owners are not ready to put blame on the roster? Can we assume that they have concluded trading away valuable assets for another first round elimination is not worth the price? Can we assume that the owners are aware that rebuilding at a trade deadline is not the way to go?

Can we assume that no trades means that the Acquilini's are planning an overhall well beyond a few superficial moves that will have little or no long term impact? Can we hope that we will soon have a new GM and a new coach hired by that new GM?

Can we hope for the end of this depressing situation? Can we hope for a reinvigorated organization with a new spirit - a new. younger revitalized management both in the GM position and behind the bench.

Or does it mean just more of the same depressing controversies and finger pointing extended by inacttion from a GM who is frozen in place by the mess he created.

I suggest we all hope he does nothing so a new GM can put his mark on the franchise. Making the playoffs is hardly worth further complicating this mess for the next guy.

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So what if nothing happens?

Maybe you didn't hear. Something happened. ::D

Seriously though... no other trades could simply mean that no team that Kesler was willing to go to was willing to pay the price Gillis is looking for.

We really can't assume anything. It takes two teams to make the trade and if other teams aren't willing to deal, sometimes it's just better not to. Plans don't always go as planned.

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