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Similar to the Cup run in 94, I feel with the draft picks we have, we can really get some point production and depth. With many great prospects like Horvat we can do more autograph signing events as well as more tic tac toe plays in times where it will matter the most. I find that they need to do your job and contribute whether you are in the AHL or NHL. The bottom line at some point Torts is gonna need to get the message through and being a offensive player who needs to score in clutch moments (see Henrik vs. Dallas in 07). I feel,metaphorically,the glass is galf full but at other times,half empty. I see being a Canucks fan more like a rollercoaster ride. Although Getzlaf is at the top in point scoring Kesler will need to step it up. At this point we still have a chance at success but as a team, consistency is our top priority. I'd rather focus on what we could do to improve instead of panicking. Fans are very passionate and to let them down is depressing. Though, success takes time. It's a process.

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