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Need help deciding on a team to cheer for


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So once again the Canuck organization showed how little class they have and bye bye LOU....In our past we did silly things like Sign Mess after he gooned Linden..a disaster and then Linden gone...Ran Bure out of town....Ran many Goalies out of town....did not handle Naslund well for last year..nor the Bert or Morrison issues at times from head office....Then SC vs Lou.....then Hertige classic we sit LOU...That was like begging the wife to come back and you won't cheat on her anymore....Then going and sleeping with her sister. To many gafts and Classless acts by this organization. Till a clean sweep of front office and ownership I feel the need to cheer for a Team with young talent I can grow with and Love till The Canuck organization respectable again. ANY Idea? ....was thinking Florida...they didnt give up Hub or Garb...and now have LOU..could be fun to follow...TB?......Washington... Maybe Jets but some old rivary issues there.... Need help picking any Ideas?

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