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Gov't Sends Cheque For 1 Cent to Dead Soldier’s Mother


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Canada's defence minister has apologized to the family of a soldier whose mother received a government cheque for one penny following her son's death upon his return from Afghanistan.Rob Nicholson says an "insensitive bureaucratic screw-up" resulted in the one-cent cheque being sent to the mother of Cpl. Justin Stark.The cheque, dated Feb. 28, was sent from the Public Works department and was marked as "CF Release Pay."
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If there was ever a day you'd want to create a thread that no one would read, today would be that day.

Likely an automated cheque that slipped through but still not something you'd want to see after your son has died.

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Your tax dollars at work...

Yep. People can call it a mistake all they want. All these little "mistakes" add up.

I remember years ago I sent in my income tax return. I got a letter in the mail stating I filed wrong and I was going to get a little less back, it was only a few buck, but whatever. I received my return a few weeks later. Fast forward a couple months. I get a letter stating that they made a mistake with my return and I would be receiving a cheque to make up the difference.

A few weeks later I receive one for about $3 bucks. I never cashed it and have it kicking around somewhere.

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