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Are the Canucks ok with Lack and Markstrom moving forward?

yes we can nucks

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I agree. If we review the goals last night, they start with a wave of powerplay goals - 60 foot cross ice pass to Bailey, 5 on 3 tick tack toe goal, deflection and screen, rebound goal (one he may have had a chance on), backhand screen with 3 guys in front of him ('mistake' in leaving the puck behind the net for defense), great save and then a rebound goal... and the game is over. Lack played very well for 40 minutes and then couldn't really be expected to stop those goals. Actually made a few great saves - one on Hamonic and then another at 5-4 to try to keep the team in it. Cannot be faulted. Kudos to him for taking responsibility for the loss - but that lies squarely on the entire team, some soft penalties, some stupid penalties, and a fire drill in front of him.


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IMO I don't think Lack will grow to be as good as Luongo was in his prime. The same goes for Markstrom. They can be solid goalies and they won't be what we're hoping for. Regardless of that management needs to something about offense and how our defense fails at times.

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Guest Gumballthechewy


This is one of the funniest gifs I've seen in a long time. I love the flying bowling ball Torres!

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So I basically needed to get a rant out after last night's debacle, so that's the purpose for this post.

I'll put it in a spoiler so as to not take up much space in the thread. Open it if you feel like it.

In tl;dr terms: it's pretty much just me complaining about Torts leaving Eddie in the net.

I really hate Torts leaving Lack in net last game.

I get that Torts feels like Markstrom isn't ready. But there's no way that putting Markstrom in after the fourth GA (maybe even the third) would have been worse for Markstrom's development/confidence than it was for Lack's own development/confidence to be left in the net (when he was clearly struggling and playing what was arguably the worst period of hockey in his professional career).

I really don't understand why Markstrom's even dressed for this team if Torts feels like he can't use him in net.

Personally, I think that the Canucks need to accept that this year is a writeoff and just play Markstrom in select game situations (a few starts and in relief as needed) so that he gets some experience with this team and can build some basic on-ice familiarity with his teammates.

He might not be an ideal backup for right now but he's the only backup the Canucks have. Torts needs to use the players he has available to him.

Last night was Eddie Lack's first really "bad game" as a Canuck. He was clearly rattled. He's usually a very relaxed guy but last night, he was as "off" mentally as I've ever seen him during a hockey game (or in any situation).

I've never seen body language like that from Lack. Throwing his hands in the air, looking skyward, making frantic gestures, yelling at the refs, and just appearing completely miserable out there.

After the 3rd goal, I really felt like Eddie wanted to get off the ice.

After the 4th goal, I think that he needed to get off the ice.

Sure, the Canucks rallied and briefly tied the game but Lack never recovered mentally and what happened next seemed all too inevitable. Like I said before, I've never seen Lack look that shaky and just "off" mentally.

I firmly believe that Eddie Lack will bounce back though (and very quickly).

He's generally very strong mentally and he has the kind of short memory that's crucial for a starting goaltender. But I also feel like some damage was done last night and he's been put a couple steps back mentally in his development as an NHL starter.

It's nothing that can't be repaired but it was damage needlessly done to him by Torts.

It's bad enough that Lack has to play with a team in front of him that sells him out on a regular basis. He's put-up NHL-grade game winning goaltending so many times this year only to have his team fail to either produce goals or protect leads (in the rare cases when they do manage to score enough).

Last night however (or at least for the 3rd period), Eddie didn't play well enough to win in this league (or in any of the pro leagues he's played in). He got thrown off his game, lost his focus, kept making mistakes, things snowballed, and he completely lost his mental edge for a few minutes there.

He should not have been left in net.

I don't even care whether or not Torts felt that Eddie still provided the better chance to win (which is basically what Torts said). It was more important to protect Lack's confidence and not force him to stay in the game.

This team isn't making the playoffs. If this is the kind of bench management we're going to see (while there's a tiny window open for the postseason), then the Canucks' mathematical elimination can't come soon enough for me.

This is the time to be thinking about next season and the future of this team.

Protect the Canucks' young assets (few as they are). We're going to need them to be a big part of this team's future.

Eddie Lack needed some protection last night. He needed his coach to throw him a lifeline. Instead, he was thrown to the wolves.

All I can hope is that Torts sat Lack down for a one-on-one after the game (and one that included a heartfelt apology for his coaching error).


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The Fans booed Luongo first, then when Schneider came along and stole his job they Booed Schneider. Then when Lack stole Luongo's job he got booed. For some reason the fans decided to stop booing Luongo and cheer for him somewhere in the middle.

The Canucks fan-base will never and I mean never be okay with the goaltending.

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All goal tenders get booed... it comes with the position. This has nothing to do with Vancouver.

- If management had done things properly, Lack would be the backup to Schneider... but unfortunately they seem to be allergic to any kind of common sense.

- Two raw rookies in goal would seem to be a very bad situation... but time will tell I guess. (I personally think Lack will turn out to be at least a B+ goalie... if the present chaos doesn't ruin him.)

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