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[Trade] Philly - Boston

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Does that mean Flyers are going after Edler ? I thought they needed to up the D not move it out...

Could be they still have been rumored to be looking at other defensemen however Meszaros was going to get moved anyway.

Timonen - Coburn

MacD - Streit

Schenn - Grossmann



Meszaros became a 4 million dollar pending UFA healthy scratch for them again with the Andrew MacDonald trade. While this does free up cap for a possible big move Philly still has an overflow of defensemen which means if they were to get Edler that would mean they have to move Grossmann or L. Schenn as well. Though I wouldn't mind it as that pairing makes me feel violently ill with both being slow overly aggressive hit first and get out of position self players.

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That doesn't even do justice to the deal. This is the most minimal return I've ever seen for a top pair dman in a long time in his prime (28 YEARS OLD). A tank of a player, does it all and only for a 3rd? Holy fffffff!!!!!!

It was a good deal but lets not get carried away Meszaros is in no way a top pair defenseman. He is as bad defensively as he is good offensively. It's why Tampa gave up on him and why he ended up a healthy scratch numerous times for Philadelphia.

With that being said if he is on a team paired with a strong defensive partner on a team that can cover up some of his blunders his offensive ability will make him a very dangerous piece to a team. So with Chara in Boston he could in theory be great but I feel it is mainly that situation that fits him. Had he gone to say Washington, fans would likely soon be ripping their hair out.

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Mesz will probably rejuvenate his career in Boston. They'll sign him to a reasonable deal in the offseason and have an even nastier Defence.

Yeah probably.

God I hate this deal. Meszaros was one of the players I had targeted for the Canucks this offseason.

If you look at the trade, you can see how hugely undervalued he is right now. 3rd rounder with 50% salary retained. You can use that valuation to peg where his salary reduction appeared to be headed for his next deal (2014 UFA).

Basically, he might have been available for $2 million next season.

Now, with the trade, he's looking to get playing time with Chara, move around the Bruins top-four, and PP time. He's headed for the playoffs and probably a fairly deep run.

From what I've heard out of Boston fans, he's looked really good since the move. A few defensive blunders, as would be expected, but moving the puck and skating really well, effectively getting pucks through to the net, and generally looking like the dynamic, offensive, puckmoving/rushing D that he should be.

I was hoping that Mez stayed put at the deadline and watched his value drop further with Philly. Would have been a perfect moneyball signing for the Canucks. If aquired, he might very well have proved to be an Ehrhoff-type player for Vancouver and really helped the Canucks solve some of the issues related to their 5v5 offense and PP.

But with a solid showing in Boston, I expect Mez will either get re-signed by the Bruins or he'll hit free agency with a legitimate change of nabbing a contract in the $4-5 million AAV range (which doesn't fit the Canucks' budget in the slightest, barring the trade of 1-2 current top-four Ds).

God, why couldn't Gillis have just spent the 3rd to get Mez at 50% salary? Swap Diaz out (like he did--but for a better pick than a 5th) and upgrade a position by bringing Meszaros into the lineup. Use the rest of this season to work him into the right pairing (probably with Edler) and role (principle rush/breakout puck carrying D + O-zone/PP usage) and, if things worked out well, give the Canucks the inside track on signing him to an extension (and still at a pretty good discount).

If the Bruins don't sign him, I hope the Canucks will at least take a look at Mez. I wouldn't want to pay him more than $3 million/season (and I was hoping for quite a bit less), but if he's available in the $2-3 million range, I think he's a player you look at acquire.

The Canucks need a offensive puckrusher on their D. They need one badly. Unless a Kesler for Leddy++ package happens, they need to try to grab one of the impending UFAs. I had hoped that Meszaros would be the best "bang-for-buck" player available this summer. That's looking a lot less likely after this trade.

He's far from perfect but Meszaros has a lot of what the Canucks are missing on their back end. Here's the Hockey News "assets" profile:

Owns the ability to lead the rush and move the puck with swift passing skills. Can fire the puck from the point and has ideal size for an NHL defenseman. Is willing to play the body and also adept at playing on his off-side (right).

That describes, in a nutshell, pretty much exactly what this team's D is missing (and has been missing since Ehrhoff left).

Meszaros was just hanging there like a nice ripe piece of fruit that was waiting to be plucked from the tree. IMHO, he was extremely undervalued (before the trade) and was looking at a big reduction in salary for his next contract. Now, we'll likely see his market value keep climbing from game-to-game until he's priced far beyond this team's budget (if he even makes it to free agency)

Damn those Bruins!

I see this trade result as potentially proving to be a 2013-14 Canucks missed opportunity similar to them not grabbing Jussi Jokinen (and wouldn't it be nice if this team had an additional 45 points in scoring from an all-positions skilled forward who also wins faceoffs plus scores on the shootout) for basically free (or next to it) in 2012-13.

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