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Your Stanley Cup Pick


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Sooooo....the deadline has come and gone. Now that you guys have had some time to breath what is your stanley cup pick?

Who comes out of the West? East?

Any dark horses?

Personally I think the Blues come out of the west, beaten to a pulp and barely standing. In the east I see the Capitals stomping to the finals. Remember that they can really play any type of game. You add Halak and wow! My dark horse picks have to have to be Dallas and Montreal. The Capitals are my stanley cup pick this year. Cheers!

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Really tough call but here's my take:

I think if Gaborik's healthy then the Kings would win it all. Nothing against the Hawks who I see as the team they beat, but L.A. is simply the more complete team IMO.

Toffoli/ Brown - Kopitar - Williams

Gaborik - Richards - Carter

is about as stacked of a top 6 as you would see, and their bottom 6 and D have been there before as a group. Chicago's also solid but the system that Quick plays behind, with his own ability and added scoring, make them tougher to beat.

Out east I'm tabbing Boston vs. Montreal for the finals, and I think the Bruins would beat them (on the scoreboard, or the ice).

I'll go with Quick's crew over Tuukka's team.

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