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28 minutes ago, NUCKER67 said:

I wonder if the Canucks should be keeping Markstrom and trading Demko? I'm a big Demko fan, but Markstrom was the MVP last year and has a few years of great goaltending left in him. He's proven, and I believe they want to win now. It starts with stellar goaltending, Markstrom has given that.


I also wonder if one of the reasons OEL wants to come to VAN is because of Markstrom, apparently they're friends? If Markstrom walks, will OEL still really want to be here? The Canucks could get a lot for Demko, I would think even rid themselves of the Eriksson and Sutter contracts. 

same with CBJ better of with the younger goalies

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18 minutes ago, khay said:

I think Sedins signed the night before free agency. Gillis flew over to Sweden to get them signed.


Edler also didn't hit UFA. Maybe I'm wrong.


Don't remember Nazzy but I think he was also re-signed before UFA. 


If Marky is going to UFA, he will definitely be getting the term and money from some team. Been wrong before and hope I'm wrong but I'd say Marky is good as gone if not re-signed by the opening of UFA.

My bad  - Edler didn’t hit free agency.  Naslund and the Sedin’s, however, did.  Granted, in the Sedin’s case, is was only for a few hours.

From wikipedia. -


Set to become unrestricted free agents on 1 July 2009, Henrik and Daniel began negotiating with the Canucks in the off-season and were reported to have asked for 12-year, $63 million contracts in mid-June.[56] With free agency looming, Canucks general manager Mike Gillis travelled to Sweden to visit the Sedins, where they agreed on identical five-year, $30.5 million contracts on 1 July.



 As NHL play was set to resume for the 2005–06 season, Näslund became an unrestricted free agent. On the open market for several days, he re-signed with the Canucks for three more years on 3 August 2005, at $6 million per season.

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6 minutes ago, Squamfan said:

We learned VAN's max offer was in the range of 5x$5.5M or so. CGY's reported offer is 6x$6M or so. Markstrom wouldn't re-sign in VAN over one year?

I think it's all about a long term deal with a NMC.

He wants his final contract.

We want to transition to Demko.

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Saw this coming as soon as there was a flat cap and a looming expansion draft. As much as he has been the MVP of the team for the last two years I didn't want us to re-sign him. I believe Demko is ready in 1A 1B situation for the short term and then full time starter in a year or two. I hate to see him go but I really do think that his numbers are going to go down as soon as he loses Ian Clark as his everyday goaltending coach, just like what ended up happening to Bobrovsky. I know he left Columbus a year before Bobrovsky but I firmly believe that both Bobrovsky's and Markstrom's career turn arounds are 100% a result of Ian Clark

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Sad to see him go. 

Glad he was able to carve out a career in Vancouver and get himself a big contract elsewhere.

He finishes his time in Van as the second greatest goaltender in team history, he was very impressive here but it's time to enter the Demko era.


Good luck Marky! 

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