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League Reverses Part of Penalty Against Devils

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Darren Dreger@DarrenDreger 5m

Hearing the NHL has reversed part of its penalty against the Devils for cap circumvention (Kovalchuk contract)....

Darren Dreger@DarrenDreger 3m

NHL will award Devils with the 30th pick in the Draft instead of the 1st round pick as usually determined. Also forgiving $1.5 mil of fine.

Darren Dreger@DarrenDreger 1m

Needless to say, NHL teams are not happy with the leagues decision to let the Devils off the hook.


Darren Dreger@DarrenDreger 59s

Devils were orginally fined $3 mil, had to forfeit a 3rd round pick in 2011 as well as a 1st in one of next 4 drafts...

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Watch the Devils go on a miracle run, and win the cup, so they would have the 30th pick anyway :P

I'm wondering why they decided to do this now, and not just have this as the original punishment. If Devils give up their 29th overall pick in 2012 that would have made things a lot better.

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Darren Dreger@DarrenDreger 8m

All kinds of reax from NHL teams to the Devils story. Some accusing NHL of doing new ownership a favour....

David Pagnotta@TheFourthPeriod 7m

Can't imagine too many clubs overly thrilled with the NHL's decision on the NJ situation

Darren Dreger@DarrenDreger 6m

More reax includes the assessment..teams that didn't break rules punished retroactively on cap recapture. Team that did, is not punished...

^ no sh!t

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Well he did leave for a different country, but that's still a soft punishment of a 3rd and 1.5m

And yet that had nothing to do with why the penalty was originally applied.

The NHL dropped the ball by not denying the Zetterberg and Hossa contracts from the get go (Franzen's was in there too). Then there wouldn't have been the Luongo deal, the Kovy multiple deals, and all the following escalating deals for Weber, Parise, Suter, etc.

The blame is solely on the NHL for allowing them to begin with, not the GMs for dreaming them up or the players for signing them. Now, it's the GMs and players that are being punished for signing them while they were legal.

The only question that remains is if the NHL will uphold the cap recapture penalty or if the NHLPA or GMs will find a way to challenge it. Who knows, maybe the NHL decides to just let it slide for teams they like and still penalize those they don't.

Crap, bush league, corrupt. Whatever you want to call it, there's no way this is the proper way to handle both the NJ/Kovy cap circumvention but also the cap recapture penalties for deals that were deemed legal by the NHL.

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Although I have a problem on how they managed this issue, I can't say I'm that bothered that they lessened the severity of the punishment. What I have a problem with, is that they now set a precedent, that if any one with a mammoth contract retires, NHL clubs can just challenge the decision and based off precedent they'll have to retract it or lessen the severity.

Will they actually do this though? Or will they pick and choose which teams deserve to have the punishment lessened? My guess is the latter.

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Lamorello's still the GM and he's the one that made the contract to begin with, so not even sure how that applies. The NHL approved Luongo's deal (and all the others) so there should be a better case there to overturn cap recapture penalties.

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Unbelievable. I never want to hear anybody blast those who say "the league favors certain teams". Esp those in the States.

It's just mindblowing, I don't even know what to say.

The Devils are far from any sort of media darling that Gary looks out for. If Toronto had signed Kovy to that initial 17 year deal, you think Gary pick pockets a first rounder from that franchise? They would burn his office building to the ground. They're a much bigger market with a much bigger voice. The Devils were the perfect target because "They invented the trap." and "They don't have superstars like the Flyers & Rangers." And other lame narratives.

Another thought: where was the NHL investigation into the Senators after Alfredsson said he was asked by Sens mgmt. to add an additional year on to his contract for the purpose of circumventing the cap? Ottawa is a Canadian city last time I checked.

As others have cited Gary makes the rules up as he goes along just like he did when he fined the Devils for a contract he ultimately approved anyway.

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