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Why do you guys want Gillis fired?


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How many of these scurrilous threads must we put up with? .. amalgamate them all into one "I HATE GILLIS" thread so we can ignore the bleating of these pseudo-intellects by placing them all in one trough. It is like listening to a group of grade 2 kids, the 'slower' class, debate the perils of recess sporting events.

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let raffi walk no return, he destroyed everyone with a offensive upside

let erhoff walk no return, best pmd we had

indirectly skyrocketed our PP, made plays from his d zone

years later our pp drops drastically

terrible player management

terrible player asset managment

made this team into a circus

laughing stock of the league

from contender to a joke of a team

anything else feel free to contribute

Willie Mitchell....

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You are right.

I would say the only really big mistake he made since the finals (not in hindsight) was letting Ehrhoff walk. We could have let go of Ballard and squeezed Ehrhoff in.

How is it Gillis' fault that the Sedins and Burrows can't score at all this season? Three proven, consistent players, who have played well together for several years.

Torts was a huge mistake. However, I feel he was Aquaman's choice.

I second this opinion.

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I mean he's making the right trades, we traded Schnieder, and we got Horvat, a good strong ceter prospect we were missing.

Other than that I do not question any other trade he made.

He is heading to the right direction, getting younger, we did not get what we wanted for Kesler so we did not do it.

What do you guys want him to do? Bring in Jagr, Vanek and push for a playoff run?

Get the season over with and start a rebuild, just like Toronto did, Florida is doing, and who knows what Edmonton is doing.

Look at the Avalanche.

And the Sedin signings, who the hell saw that coming? They were playing great before the signing.

The only thing I am pissed about is the damn NTC, other than that I would have no one else as a GM.

The Gillis from 2008 to 2010 was pretty darn good. The Ballard trade was a joke but he had made so many good moves before that most of us let it go.

The gillis from 2011 to now is not as bad as Garth Snow but it aint all that pretty either.

He needs to trade the following for picks and prospects.

Kesler, Edler, Bieksa, Hamhuis and Garrison if they are willing.

Trade Burrows for whatever you can get. 2nd rounder from the Habs but 3rd rounder would be fine.

Keep these players











Everyone else is for sale.

If he just screws around in the middle some more, then I say we let him go.

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I don't necessarily want him fired, but wouldn't be sad to see somebody else either. Funny thing is the Luongo trade and David Booth trade don't even really bother me that much. You weren't going to get a ton for Luongo and I actually like the potential Matthias has. As far as Booth goes, if anybody can honestly sit at their computer and type that they didn't like that trade at the time they'd be lying. I was pumped to have Booth join this team based on the way he'd played in Florida. I don't think anybody could've seen what happened coming.

Below are the two things that Mike Gillis did that absolutely frustrate me to this day:

1) Cody Hodgson - I know he was unhappy or whatever it was and had asked to be traded. I don't care. That guy was going to become the teams best player and could have been for several years. He was a guy you build your team around which at this point they simply don't have. What they have to show for that trade now is Zack Kassian. I have hope that Kassian can be decent, in fact I even somewhat believe in him. Right now though, the guy is a dummy on the ice night in and night out. The glimpses of skill are far outweighed by the bonehead plays and this was something anybody who watched a single Sabres game before could have told you before the trade was made.

2) Schneider - Again, franchise player. Can Horvat turn out to be worth the trade? Maybe. I DON'T CARE. This was a very very good goaltender who is going to be even better and you got rid of him. Cory Schneider was a guy that was as close to a guaranteed great starter for the next 10 years that they will ever get. GONE!

This organization has clearly been able to tell for the last couple years that changes were going to have to happen. Players were either getting older or will be getting bigger contracts which will mean they can't keep them all. So knowing that you will be losing guys that have been the core of your team, getting rid of two players you can build your team around is just complete idiocy and I can't believe anybody let him get away with those deals, the Schneider one in particular.

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I think op is either trolling or has no clue whats going on..

cannot imagine an informed canuck fan making this thread right at this moment

It's not trolling at all and this is the second time you have accused a poster of that for not having your point of view,

You hate Gillis and we get that. You are also not as educated a fan as you think you are, you are just another person here with an opinion and that's it. So lose the attitude and debate your point without the character attacks.

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I think Gillis is an alright GM personally when it comes to signings and finding undrafted prospects (Lack, Ericsson, etc), but horrible at drafting and trading. I personally think he's way too stubborn when it comes to trades and I have a feeling he overvalues our players a lot in discussions with other teams....and he also made a giant joke out of the entire Luongo situation.

I do think the Canucks need a new GM after this season, because I don't think he made enough moves down the stretch to make the team younger and we need someone who is better at drafting.

That being said, he got a lot of players for "hometown discounts" and he got Luongo on a steal of a contract, very low cap hit for a goalie of his calibre. Trading for Higgins was a great trade, too.

Hamhuis signing looking more and more like a steal every year

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