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"Fire Gillis" Chant On Saturday


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Needless to say, as we all know, Mike Gillis is the reason we are in this mess. I don't want to hear he got us to finals in 2011 because he didn't the vast majority of that team was made by Nonis and Burke.

It's time to send a message to ownership this guy running our team is unacceptable. I know if he is still running the team next season I won't be spending a cent on Canucks merchandise and certainly won't be attending any games.

Saturday, on CBC, Hockey Night In Canada, is a perfect time to let the fans tell ownership what we think of this guy.

Need to get a "FIRE GILLISSSS" chant going in the first period, not sure how many of you will be there, but GET IT GOING!!!! Enough of this bozo (Hodgson, Luongo, Schneider, Booth, 1st rd pick AND Grabner for Ballard, Sundin, etc etc etc). Lets get our voices heard guys, get that chant going, I"ll be listening as I watch!!!

:) Run him out of town!

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Would love to see a FIRE GILLIS chant..

But it would be even better to see more empty seats. Management needs to get the message loud and clear that fans had enough of their BS, and will not tolerate ridiculous ticket prices for a lousy product/service.

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Aquilini deserves a ton of the blame though. It just sucks though that Gillis is their puppet and to most, not gets not some, but ALL the blame.

The reason why the Aquilinis didn't want Kesler traded was because they wanted to make more money during the playoffs...

WHAT THE HELL made them think we were even going to make the playoffs in the first place.

While Gillis has made some dumb moves, he's made some great moves. The worst part of all this is that we have Italian owners who are more concerned about making money rather than the direction of this team.

Can owners be fired? ;)

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