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A new hope! Who will be our Luke?

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This team. This once mighty robot, now with much of the spirit to its components removed and some times replaced. Damaged things, some ill maintained remain. I think I see by this mess what Manner of machine Mike Gillis planed to create. I believe it was created from the heart of a well intentioned builder. Though it now sits hulking on the ground as if awaiting some death blow, But this need not be the case!

Imagine if you will. Lets take, say, some robot we all know an I'm sure I'm talking to most of have, come to love, Optimus Prime. Personal I would use Star Scream if talking about favorites but 'm going for a triumphant hero type of thing. Now lets say in a final battle Optimus rises up mightily from being battered and stricken to strike down Megatron for ultimate defeat! is the victory any less because if was hard fought? No, he won. He defeated a powerful opponent and won. That is all that's important in the end, and i hope that is what we will see out of this team starting now!

I can imagine in my perspective of events that Mike Gillis wanted a tight net group that played together and stayed together long term, like a Detroit redwings in modern era terms. It was an admirable desire, and I for one wanted it so badly to work, but it was almost like ever hurt compacted over time among the group, as if they were saying, "another one? " another loss. another losing streak." Keep in mind this is as I said as I imagine it to be. there is no way of me knowing their mind set truly. its just probability as I see it.

If i could say anything to players like Kesler, who seems above all to be disheartened, i would just ask how may times he figured he fell down before he could skate, and how much struggle went into the process to skate brilliantly. If you never fell or fell few times, it would have only been for lack of trying. Is there ever a time when you done? done having to learn, as if you can ever be so far on top of your game that winning should be a given. It wouldn't be a great feat if there was no struggle? if you come back from this , what is being down 3 games in a playoff series? the same or less I would think. Good for the young players to see.

I for one am hoping Booth will pull up him socks and become close to ho he was expected to be. Aside from the strugglers who no doubt have room to improve short term, and the youngsters who I hope have no where to go but up, Booth as the greatest potential to surprise.

Eddie will have to grow strongest fastest. There is no Lack of force in that one.

Now go be refined by fire!

Lou we love you man! i cried a little typing that out actually.

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Uh, ok? I'm not sure what you're trying to say there. Is it a pep talk that you think will make all the difference? Do you think they should watch Transformers: The Movie from the 80's? Is Aquilini really Gillis' father?

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I just don't get your schpeel but then again I'm an old fart and transformers references aren't going to make sense to me.

This year, we're toast, done, finito.

Fire Torts and get a new coach in to tutor the young talent coming up.

The job Torts has done? with Kassian shows he's the wrong guy for our rebuild, retool, he's just gotta go!

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