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[Discussion] Send Zack Kassain to the minors?

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I think we should send Zack Kassain to the minors for the remaining games left in the season. He fails to play good defense. Ex last night VS the stars. He also makes stupid plays and try's to be to fancy with the puck. He makes careless hits that gets him in trouble. Ex. Edm Ganger,Tor Bolland, Last night against the Stars Dillion.

I will give Kassain this its hard to put up points and have scoring chances playing with Buy-out Booth.

I think he should go down and play top line minutes, learn how to play without the puck and come into next year with a fresh start hoping to play in the top six.

Something of




or if he cant crack the top six


Overall Zack Kassain is not a bad player. The skill, effort, compete is all there. We aren't going to make the playoffs this year.So we should let him go down gain confidence, find a complete game(Scoring,Hitting,Fighting,Trash Talking,and his DEFENSIVE game). Then he will have a summer to workout and train. He will then come into the 2014-2015 with a goal, an open mind and determined.

Thanks and Thoughts?

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Kassian hit on Bolland? That was a complete accident no one really talked about that just an unfortunate play. Kassian has been one of our best forwards. He's young this was the first time in his career where he's had a full 82 game season in the NHL. Yes he isn't going to play all 82 but every other season he's bounced around between the NHL and AHL. No one gives this poor guy a break especially Torts...

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He has improved, but he hasn't impressed me all that much tbh. He seems like an all right third line winger right now, would have been a good line mate with Torres.

At age 23 he has 11 goals playing with half AHL team mates. He is going to be a 25 to 30 goal scorer in his prime.

If he ever grows up emotionally that is. :frantic:

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Kassian has been fine. I disagree that he has been a liability. He plays in his position, back checks and more. Fine does not mean exciting.

Not really living up to his potential. His speed and soft hands scream for more plays. His size suggests he should guys off the puck in board battles.

But a bust and send to the minors is not fair.

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