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The Walking Dead Hipster Thread


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"I'm cool and different cause I don't like a popular show"

If this sounds like you, then you're in the right place. If you like the smell of your own farts then by all means, sniff away HERE.

For the Walking dead FANS:

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If people don't like a show, what is the need to insult those who like the show or dump on the show constantly in front of fans of the show?

I don't watch the Walking Dead, but I do watch the Big Bang Theory (in syndication) and I get crapped on for it.

I enjoy the Big Bang Theory. I come home from a hard day's work at university taking 6 classes, study some more (taking breaks on CDC lol), and then watch TV if I have time. I laugh at the Big Bang Theory, and go to sleep. Oh noes I'm not as sophisticated as you for liking le big bang theory whatever shall I do...

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