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Mafia: Heroes (100th game special) - GAME OVER, HEROES WIN

Master Radishes

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Mafia: Heroes


By day, the city of Vancouver is bustling, lively, and usually a bit cold and wet. Its a beautiful city, and youre glad to live here. The people are friendly, happy, and fanatic about hockey.

But youre not exactly like all these other Vancouverites. You hold a secret. You...are a superhero.

You may appear as a mere mortal by day, but by night you cruise around the city, using your superpowers to prevent crime and bring criminals to justice. And youre not alone theres a whole league of superheroes out there with you. The League of Amazing Protectors Defending Against Nefarious Crime and Evil (LAPDANCE) may have a bulky name, but you make short work in keeping your city free of evil. You work together to keep Vancouver a safe place to live.

But there is something wrong.

Rumours have swirled. The chilling Professor Chaos has infiltrated the League, and he has used his nefarious powers for evil. He has corrupted some of your superhero comrades, twisting their minds and making them into secret supervillains. They still appear as regular superheroes on the surface, but they actively work to undermine the League and advance Professor Chaos' agenda. And Professor Chaos has only one item on his agenda: the total destruction of the League.

Aided by your Sidekicks, you and your superhero friends must put a stop to this. You must root out the VILLAINS from amongst yourselves before they become masters of the superhero underworld and turn Vancouver into a crime-infested hive of scum.

Welcome to MAFIA: HEROES.
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Game Map:

Round 1 voting -- Round 1 Nightfall

Round 2 voting -- Round 2 Nightfall

Round 3 voting -- Round 3 Nightfall

Round 4 voting -- Round 4 Nightfall

Round 5 voting -- Round 5 Nightfall

Round 6 voting -- Round 6 Nightfall

Round 7 voting -- Round 7 Nightfall

End of game




Master Radishes



Alchemy Time





Go Faulk Yourself




King Heffy



One one two






Total: 19


Bo Hunter Booth


Where's Wellwood



Host signup list

1) Intoewsables

2) Dral


4) Peaches

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Please read carefully! There are several key rule changes, especially #4.

Two new Superheroes have been added to the list (Deadpool and the Silver Surfer.) Sidekicks have also been added.

Also worth noting that some of these roles have to be used every round. If no names are submitted, targets will be chosen at random.



1) As usual there will be two factions: HEROES and VILLAINS (Town and Mafia.) Everyone will be one or the other. There will not be any third parties (SK, Cult, etc.) There will be on traitor roles.

2) However, at the same time, you will all be given a secret superhero identity. Along with this identity come certain powers associated with each role. (Similar to the Zodiac game a few weeks ago.) These roles and their descriptions are outlined below. There will also be Sidekicks, those without powers.

3) Rounds will initially last 48 hours. The voting will end early, however, and the results will be posted. There will then be a four hour period before the update occurs. This is to allow time for players to submit their actions after seeing the lynch results. As the game goes on rounds will shorten to 24 hours.

4) There is to be NO PRIVATE COMMUNICATION, except between VILLAINS, or unless permitted by one of the superhero powers. This is done on the honour system, so please honour it, for the sake of keeping it fun for everyone.

Any private communication that does occur will be initiated and subsequently moderated by the GM (me). Do not contact someone yourself – I will begin all PMs between members.

5) All other standard rules will apply.


There are 22 Superheroes (roles). All roles are assigned randomly at the beginning of the game. As there are more roles than players, there will always be a pool of unused roles. Only one person can hold a role at any one time. Roles might be switched throughout the game, however. When a player dies, their role will be put back into the pool of unused roles.


Professor X cares about people with supernatural abilities, and tries to help them with his “Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.” At the beginning of every round, Professor X will know which players lack superpowers and which superpowers are not in use for that round. For the duration of that round, Professor X will then gain one additional lynch vote for every powerless player in the game.


Thor is a Norse god who possess super strength and a magical hammer. There are not many who care to disagree with him, and he will almost always get his way in an argument. Every round, Thor's lynch vote will count for three votes.


They say justice is blind. Well, so is Daredevil, so who better to administer justice? Every round, the Daredevil will act as a judge – he will have the power to overrule a lynch or break a stalemated vote.


The Silver Surfer can use his board to travel through space faster than the speed of light - or just to travel through Vancouver fast enough not to be noticed. In a situation where few Superheroes can communicate with each other, this proves useful for sneaking messages through. Throughout the round, the Silver Surfer will be able to send anonymous messages to other players. The other players will not be able to respond, however.


You won't like The Hulk when he's angry. No one does. He's intimidating as hell. So when he tells you to not to do something, you listen. Every round, the Hulk will silence a player for the remainder of the round - they will not be able to speak in the thread and their vote will be negated.


Wonder Woman has many powers, but one of her most useful tools is her Lasso of Truth, which forces anyone captured by it to tell the truth. This certainly comes in handy when rooting out Villains. Every round, Wonder Woman can target one player and find out if that player is HERO or VILLAIN.


Dr. Manhattan is not your typical crime-fighting superhero, as he prefers to dabble in science at the atomic level, where his powers truly lie. But he will do his part in rooting out the Villains - every round, he will examine the atomic matter of one other player, which will reveal to him that player's own Superhero identity and role. In addition, Dr. Manhattan will then know exactly how to copy this role and use it for himself; he will be able to copy that player's role and use it himself for one round.


Deadpool is a mercenary assassin, skilled in the art of killing. His main advantage is an ability to rapidly self-heal; however, that ability has been compromised by Professor Chaos. Once per game, Deadpool will be able to kill another player, but he himself will die in the process.


No one is stronger and more powerful than Superman. He is so powerful, in fact, that the other Superheroes would not be able to act if Superman wanted to stop them. Every round, the Superman will block the actions of one other player.


Captain America is transformed into his super state through a super-soldier serum, which, in addition to other effects, improves a person’s healing ability; he has enough extra serum to share with one person each round. Every round, the Captain America will be able to protect one other player from being killed.


Batman has his Batcave, a shelter outside the city to which he can escape. Normally he keeps its location a secret, but these are desperate times. Every round, Batman will take one other plaer to the Batcave, where they will be protected from any kill attempts. However, as they are now hidden away out of the city, their own role will be blocked in the process.


The Punisher is not your typical hero. Since the mafia killed his family, he has had one mission: vengeance. And he will use any means to accomplish his goals, as dark as they might be. He is, in effect, a vigilante. Twice per game, the Punisher can kill another player. However, as not all his comrades approve of his means of justice, he will appear as a Villain upon investigation after he makes his first kill.


Spawn was once just a man, but when he died he made a deal with a demon to be resurrected. He can offer the same service to his fellow Superheroes on occasion. Once every three rounds, Spawn will choose one dead player to be resurrected. This player will come back without any powers, however.


Being a demon of hell, one of Hellboy's talents is the innate ability to comprehend ancient and magical languages. He has come across such a script that, when he recites it, will switch the superhero role of another player. Every round, Hellboy will be able to switch the Superhero role of one other player from the pool of unused roles.


Iron Man gains his powers from his suit. However, he is willing to give this suit up to someone else...as long as he can take their powers in return. Every round, Iron Man will send me one player’s name; Iron Man will take their superhero identity and abilities, and the target player will become the new Iron Man.


The Green Lantern's power comes from the powerful ring and lantern he possesses, which have the power to shape the world around him. The Green Lantern can even use this control over the world to affect his fellow Superheroes. Every round, the Green Lantern will submit two names, and these two players will have their Superhero identities switched - they will each gain the abilities of the other player.


The Flash is super fast. He can run up to you, steal something from you – such as your identity – and run away without you feeling more than a slight breeze. Every round, the Flash steal away the Superhero role of one other player – they will become a regular human without any superpowers.


The Invisible Woman's superpower is pretty obvious: invisibility. This power lends itself well to watching other players without them noticing. Every round, the Invisible Woman will secretly watch one other player during the night. She will see any other players who visit her target.


Spiderman can soar high above the city, between the skyscrapers of Vancouver, watching everyone else below without being noticed. Every round, Spiderman will be able to track the movements of one other player - Spiderman will know every player they visit during the night.


With his stretchy arms, Mr. Fantastic can bring people together no matter the distance between them. Every round, the Mr. Fantastic will send me two player’s names, and if they both survive the night then these players will, for the duration of the following round, be able to communicate privately. Mr. Fantastic himself will not be part of the communication.


Aquaman normally only communicates telekinetically with marine life, but occasionally he can do so with other humans as well. Every round, Aquaman will be able to privately communicate with one other player for the duration of the round.


Wolverine may often come across as a brooding loner, but he is part of the X-Men, and therefore knows the value of having a team. Every round, Wolverine will send me the names of two other players, and all three (Wolverine and the two players) will be able to communicate with each other privately for the duration of the following round.


The GM (me) is always Professor Chaos. Professor Chaos, a.k.a. Butters, is the mastermind behind this Superhero War, and the VILLAINS' hit man – every night, he will kill one player as chosen by the VILLAINS.

Notes on order of precedence:

-The Villains' kill will resolve last. It will always be performed by Professor Chaos (the GM) so it cannot be blocked or tracked/watched.

-Certain roles will not be eligible for watching/tracking/role-blocking. These include Professor X and Thor. Daredevil and all communication-enabling roles also cannot be tracked or watched. If a role-blocker targets Daredevil, Silver Surfer, The Hulk, Deadpool, Wonder Woman, or Dr. Manhattan their actions will be blocked in the following round; all other roles will be blocked that night.

-Certain roles, if targeted by a role-switcher, will resolve prior to the switch taking place. So, for example, if Spiderman is targeted by a role-switcher, he/she will learn the results of his/her tracking first and then be switched.

-Role-switching roles will resolve simultaneously. If one player is targeted by two or more of the same role they will resolve in the order listed above. So, for example, if a player is targeted by both Hellboy and Iron Man, he or she will first be targeted by Hellboy's ability and then targeted by Iron Man's ability.

-All other conflicts between actions will be resolved through the listed order. So, for example, Superman's role-block will come before Batman's role-block. (Note: Dr. Manhattan's copycat ability will resolve simultaneously with its mimicked power.)


The superheroes of the game are the players of the game. They're the ones who vote, kill, use their powers, etc. But there will also be the addition of sidekicks as well. Every good superhero needs a sidekick, right?

The sidekicks in the game cannot vote, nor can they be voted out. They have no power, nor can anyone use their power against them. They cannot PM or be PMed. They are there simply to join the discussion. They can throw out accusations, debate suspicions, defend those being attacked - all the usual aspects of discussion.

All sidekicks will be "paired" with a superhero. However, they will not be able to privately communicate with their hero ally, just as superheroes cannot communicate with each other. They will simply know who their partner is, and will be of the same allegiance (HERO or VILLAIN) as their partner. Therefore, some sidekicks will be working for the VILLAINS.

Sidekicks cannot be killed directly. However, if their superhero partner is voted to be lynched, they will be eliminated from the game as well. But if their superhero partner is killed by the VILLAINS, the sidekick will not die.

SUMMARY OF CHANGES (tl;dr version)

1) Everyone will get a superhero identity to begin the game, and there are specific powers (like sheriff, doctor, roleblocker, and more) associated with each one. Everyone is also either Town or Mafia. In addition to the superheroes, there will be a few sidekicks in the game. They are essentially non-voting, no-role players who can contribute to the discussion.

2) Although everyone starts the game with a superhero identity, some of the roles will switch between players every round, as several superpowers involve role-switching. This means you may be Wonder Woman (Sheriff) one round, and Superman (Role-blocker) the next. It’s also possible that you could end up without a superhero role at all.

3) The rounds will initially be 48 hours long to allow for ample playing time. Voting will end four hours early, however, in order to give everyone time to see the results of the lynch before submitting their nightly action.

4) Private communication is forbidden, except between Mafia members, or except if a certain superpower allows communication. If you are Town, and you are not targeted by one of those superpowers, then you are not allowed to PM anyone. This will be done on the honour system, so please honour it.


Due to my own unfortunate schedule, rounds will no longer end in the evening. I'm sorry, I know this sucks for some of you, but I simply can't commit to evening updates anymore.

-Voting will end at 10:00 AM PST and results will be posted.

-All actions must then be in by 2:00 PM PST at which time I will update the night actions.

The first round will end on Monday, March 10. Voting will finish at 10:00 AM Monday morning, and the update will follow at 2:00 PM Monday afternoon.

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