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Mafia: Heroes (100th game special) - GAME OVER, HEROES WIN

Master Radishes

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PPCLI - 6 (Caboose, Alchemy Time, VICanucksfan5551, Aladeen, Go Faulk Yourself, g_bassi13)

Peaches - 3 (T-rex930, MikeyBoy44, King Heffy)

Alchemy Time - 2 (One one two, Kryten)

Caboose - 1 (Dral)

Drouin - 1 (JE14)

JE14 - 1 (Drouin)

PPCLI, with the most votes, has been chosen to be hung.

However, Daredevil has ruled against the lynch. Therefore, PPCLI will live anothery day and there will be no one hung tonight.

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PPCLI must be important to somebody, or he's the daredevil himself.

No one refuted PPCLI's claim that he is Spiderman, so I assume that is his role. Would the mafia go out of their way to protect Spiderman like that? If people think that jives, then ok. I'm not sure but hopefully the dayfall will reveal some more info.

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