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Mafia: Heroes (100th game special) - GAME OVER, HEROES WIN

Master Radishes

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I guess it depends how people interpret "tricky." Is it the ability and inclination to pull off crazy deceptions as Mafia? Doesn't describe your style, I agree. Is it the simple ability to trick others into trusting you? You're quite good at that.

Could you put something about signups being open in the thread title? Muchas gracias.

edit: Actually, "GAME OVER" is probably good enough. Never mind. :ph34r:

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Good game Villains. Honestly one of my worst performances in a while, though.

Shout outs to Kryten, he was great.

I tried but as far as I know never got any answers. Oh, and thanks for hosting.


You may not have liked your performance but without some of the key decisions you made, we lose.

Oh and I did attempt one code and then realized the juice wasn't worth the squeeze so I gave it up. I missed your code 112, now I feel bad :( (don't tell me which posts they are, I will look now as penance for missing them during the game).

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