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Buying New TV....


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I'll start by saying this TV will be used 95% for ps4 and maybe 5% for TV. I recently purchased a Samsung UN40F6300 for 688$ at best buy.

It is a 120hz with 240 CMR and has an input lag around 46ms... I got it home and setup and I do admit it looks nice.

However I've heard/read that the UN40EH5300 with 60hz and 120 CMR has input lag of 26ms may actually be a better choice for my ps4.

Can anyone Chime in with any advice? I have 28 days to decide if I'm keeping the 6300 or going to something better..

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I also currently have been playing on a Samsung syncmaster 2333hd which is 75hz and has an input lag between 0-20...

I wanted a bigger TV but it seems the one I had is very good for gaming and I didn't even know that until I started researching all of this more..

Thanks for your help in advance.

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What's your budget?

Well I'd like to be around the 700-800 I spent on the 6300 Samsung. however 40" is not required and is definitely the biggest I want.. Also doesn't need to be a smart TV or 3d or any if those gimmicks. just need best possible ps4 TV at a reasonable price

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I owned the Sony W900a for a while and it had around 19fps when game mode was on which is just ridiculous.

I would totally recommend it but its fairly expensive.

However this is the step down from that:


and it has even better fps and it's around your price range.

Other than that, I would recommend the Panasonic S60.

If you don't have to worry about glare, this is a steal as it will give you amazing pq, and it has a decent frame rate

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