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Finishing a game vs. player safety

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http://highschoolspo...ainst-video/#/0 Alright, here's the link to what I'm talking about. This past Saturday, 3/8/14, St. Ignatius played Sylvania Northview in the Division I Boys Hockey Championship; here in Ohio at Nationwide Arena in Columbus. I was watching the game and St. Ignatius and Northview were playing a hell of a gritty, gutsy, exhausting, back-and-forth thriller. Northview's goalie, David Marsh, was putting on a clinic; he had a running record of 77 saves going. They had just finished the 7th overtime, overtimes are only 8 minutes apiece; when the OHSAA commissioner, Dan Ross, declared a tie, citing player safety. This really pisses me off!!! I am not a fan of the everybody-gets-a-trophy thing and I think it showed poor judgement on the part of the OHSAA. I paraphrase a quote I once read regarding Brooks Laich's comments on concussions, "Hockey is not a safe work environment, at any level." In my opinion, our kids, American or Canadian or any other nationality, should learn to tough things out and show some endurance and gusto. Injuries will happen and athletes of all sports should be willing to accept that as an occupational hazard. Thoughts?

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If they're worried about player safety, other things could happen such as deferring the resolution of the game until the next day, say it reaches a 5th overtime, that's roughly equivalent to two full periods of hockey. Or if after 5 periods of OT (at 8 minutes each) they resort to a shootout.

Many things could be done to resolve the game, yet not put players in jeopardy. I'm a supporter of everyone being congratulated for participating, but there has to be a clear winner. It's sports, not super happy friend time, there are winners and there are losers; kids need to be taught to accept that at a young age, otherwise it kills competitive spirit and gives them an unrealistic perception of the world... and I'm a father.

It does no good to coddle youth, I agree that youth, regardless of participatory level need to be encouraged so they develop the drive to push themselves to be better. If they don't have it they really shouldn't be competing in sports, it just so happens that sports is a way for kids to not only get exercise but to have fun doing so.

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