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Sugar: Public Enemy #1 - Beloved Mascots under attack!


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Leave them alone!!!!


Dietitians recommend 12-step program to help manage your sugar consumption

You’re sitting on the couch after dinner when the chocolate cookies in the cupboard start calling your name. What to do? Don’t keep chocolate cookies in your cupboard.

That’s one of the tips from dietitians when it comes to reducing our consumption of sugar, as snacks and processed food loaded with sugar creep into our daily lives.

But don’t try to cut out all the sugar all at once — going cold turkey has its own health ramifications.

Tanya Leung, a dietitian at St. Paul’s Hospital, says a better strategy is weaning yourself off added sugar one step at a time.

“If you love chocolate milk, start off by mixing it three parts to one part real milk, and then move down from there,” Leung suggests. “It’s a habit that’s difficult to change because sugar is in so many different foods.

“Rather than adding sugar for extra flavour, add cinnamon — or try vanilla or almond extract.”

Dietitian Desiree Nielsen says most processed food is simply calories from a combination of flour, sugar, fat and salt — with zero or virtually zero calories from healthy sources.

Nielsen also says going to a sugarfree diet is unreasonable — she suggests 80 per cent virtuous eating, 20 per cent whatever you enjoy.

“If you eat wholesome foods 80 per cent of the time, the red velvet muffin won’t give you any trouble,” Nielsen says. “Fruit is wonderful — fruit juice is not.”

Shelley McCann pushes sugar as manager and co-owner of the Candy Aisle, but doesn’t think it’s a serious problem.

“I think too much of anything is bad,” said McCann, who doesn’t expect her business to suffer despite the health warnings. “You shouldn’t overindulge in anything.

“It’s a simple little pleasure. It’s a little vice that doesn’t hurt anybody, right?”

Dietitian Patricia Chuey says people find it difficult to cut out certain foods — she suggests simply eating more of the healthy choices, leaving less hunger for sweets.

“Rather than saying, ‘I’m going to eat less of this,’ which is hard, say ‘I’m going to eat more of that,’ ” says Chuey, whose top sugar-laced foods to avoid are pop/fake juice, chocolate and candy, cookies, doughnuts and dessert. “If you have a cookie recipe that calls for one cup of sugar, try using just a half a cup instead.”

Self-confessed dietary “curmudgeon” Dr. John Sloan — an MD who teaches at the University of B.C. — says eating is one of life’s great pleasures, so he sees no need to cut out so-called bad foods.

“Cutting out sugar might add weeks or perhaps months to your life, but that’s at the end of your life when you’re stuck in a home somewhere,” said Sloan, who’s lived to the age of 67 despite his unorthodox views. “I want to eat bacon and eggs, I want to eat doughnuts, I want to eat McNuggets — and I do.”

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I know someone who gets EIGHT sugars in her medium tea from tim hortens. When I was told that, I almost threw up.. how the hell can anyone have that much sugar???

I almost threw up reading that. That's just crazy! How can that possibly taste any good? My gf goes to Starbucks every once in a while and I always get a black iced tea unsweetened. She got me a sweetened tea once, it was pretty gross.

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your not really helping me with that picture of the M& M mascot. (Skips article, runs to store, buys M&M)

I'd say if you only bought one you would be just slightly within the new recommendations.

Sugar is as bad as salt. Especially refined sugars. The body does not have an ability to digest refined sugars without depleting resources like proteins, vitamins, and minerals it obviously could use for other tasks besides breaking down pure, refined carbohydrates.

The body sure is stupid.

Here is a link to a long article that likely contains bias and stretched truths. Originally written in 1973, I bet everyone can learn even just 1 thing should they read it. There are actually some interesting bits in it.

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Guest Gumballthechewy

Somebody told me that cancer didn't exist until white sugar became part of our diet.

That's bull.

It most likely causes cancer like everything else you eat but it didn't start cancer.

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