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Predict how long before we are elite

Lui's Knob

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How Long will the retool rebuild take before the team is competing again with the elites? Top of the league?

I predict it'll be a 3 year turnaround when the Sedins are relegated to 2nd or third line and guys like horvat gaunce shink and maybe Jensen are more mature and experienced

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1-3 years. This offseason we have way more cap than we have ever had in recent memory and if Gillis plays his cards right, we could be elite as early as next season. If not then we have to wait for Horvat, Gaunce, Shinkaruk and Jensen to have great rookie years.

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We have been losing in a very Elite way if that helps?

Do you know how hard it is to give up 7 goals to the NY Islanders in the Third Period???

I mean, come on! That takes something special!!!

Islanders are capable of scoring many goals, only reason why they gave penguins a run for their money last season.
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I honestly think this year has just been bad luck...there's been stretches where we were great, but we had a lot of injuries. I think we'll be 6th or 7th in the west next year...now, elite? Well that could be a while...for one thing, our goaltending is weaker, Sedins production dropping, etc.

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If they hang on to the core players too long the re-build can't begin until those contracts expire, that's four years.

If the drafting is great the team could hover around the middle of the pack never getting to elite status.

If the core gets dealt away for assets this draft year, you can look at 3-4 years of development with another 2-3 years of learning how to play, compete at NHL level. So 5-7 years.

If assets are components to fit around Sedins, being a mid range team is again possible.

We could be looking at a 5 years of downward spiral, followed by 5 years of moving to top of the league.

If it was an easy question to answer I would know that the GM is being let go, along with his replacement.

I would also know that the current coach was being retained, or let go.

I would know that Kesler, Burrows, Edler, KB, Higgins, would be dealt away for assets.

Not on part of the question is easy to answer to many variables.

So I am going to stop talking.

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