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I have updated the original post to fairly reflect both sides. Whether you want to see how close we are to making the playoffs or how close we are to getting a high draft pick you can check here.

We are currently 5 points back of the final wild card spot of Phoenix but they have 1 game in hand.

They play Boston, New York, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Minnesota, Winnipeg, LA, Edmonton, Columbus, Nashville, San Jose, Dallas.

We are currently tied with Dallas but they have 3 games in hand. They play Calgary, Winnipeg(x2), Pittsburgh, Philly, Ottawa, Chicago, Nashville(x2), St.Louis (x2), Washington, Carolina, Tampa, Florida and Phoenix in their remain games.

Draft Pick Watch

At the highest we had the 8th overall draft pick before the calgary game on march.8th. Because New Jersey is forced to draft 30th we are currently we are sitting in the 9th overall spot. The draft lottery might change our position but it's around that area that we will pick in if we stay there.

Calgary (2-1 W) 2 Points

New York (7-4 L)

Winnipeg (3-2 OT W) 2 Points

Wasington, (4-3 L)

Florida, (4-3 S/O W) 2 Points

Tampa, (4-3 L)

Nashville, (2-0 W) 2 Points

Buffolo, (4-2 W) 2 Points

Minnesota, (5-2 W) 2 Points

Colorado, (3-2 OTL) 1 Point

Anaheim, ()

New York, ()

LA, Anaheim, ()

Colorado, ()

Edmonton, ()

Calgary. ()

Will try to keep updating so far we have fallen down two draft spots and are still in 10th place

I think the Canucks should try to get the highest pick possible but at the same time see what Jensen and our other prospects can do. Winning games at this point will just lower our pick since it's clear we won't make the playoffs. But then again watching the team get some much needed confidence isn't bad either.

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In all honesty the Canucks have shot themselves in the foot by playing so bad this calendar year. Even if they string together wins down the stretch Dallas is 4 points ahead with 3 games in hand. Do the math. Vancouver will have to literally win out from here on in and Dallas will have to slide for them to have a chance. Not impossible but I give them a 1% chance at making it.

In all due fairness to the fans, a majority don't want to see the Canucks purposely lose games in order to secure a high draft pick and quite frankly I've never heard or a professional sports team that ever has. Enlighten me if any of you have ever heard of it.

We as Canuck fans have had such a privilege of having our team make the playoffs nearly every year for a decade and probably have taken it for granted. We have no idea how lucky we are to have had such success. Sure, a cup wasn't won but bein able to even play playoff hockey is a privilege. If you disagree, go talk to Oiler fans and get a good idea of how brutal it is to follow that team. As far as a top 5 pick goes, it's unlikely. There's too many teams that are worse than Vancouver, but with te lottery nothing is impossible. I predict a pick from the 7-10 range. It is what it is.

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You play to win every game regardless of circumstances. Anything else is inexcusable.

Get healthy, take 8th seed in the West - knock off St Louis in the first round.

If the team makes the playoffs, it means they've been playing excellent hockey down the stretch.

This idea that it's a forgone conclusion that they're swept in the first round is just poo goggles.

Make the playoffs if they can. I'm fine with a 14th or 16th overall pick - I'd like to see them take Honka anyway. He's projected to be available. I'd love to see that kind of skillset added to the youth - and imo, the team could really use some Finnish.

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The goal in hockey is the win the Stanley Cup. Obviously that over a high draft pick..


My guess is that our 'Nucks will play hard to get to the playoffs. Near the end of the season they will be in position to have destiny in their own hands. But they will not be able to do so and hope that another team makes destiny for them. Aroo...........

Can we expect another great Canuck Swede to verbally dole out another apology for not making the playoffs?

Go Canucks Go!

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Even if we were COMPLETELY healthy as this point...we still wouldn't make the playoffs.

With or without Kesler, Daniel and Santo, this team would not go 14-2 in the remaining games.

People really need to look at the numbers and stop being delusional.

Just no.

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