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A Short Glimpse into Our Future


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This season may seem disappointing and most of us may think that Gillis should be canned because he isn't doing his job but I am going to shed some light into a short trip to next season, providing all the roster stays the same.

Schroeder, Matthias, and Jensen all scored tonight. They all are our younger players that will be key to our depth next season. Lets take a look at our line-up after training camp for next year with the roster we have:








Extras: Dalpe, Shinkaruk?, Corrado?

The cap with this line-up will give us also a lot of room to re-sign players like Santorellli, Dalpe, Weber and also gives us space to but in a bid for say P.K. Subban, and get 1 or 2 very decent free agents come draft time. And we will also have a lot of depth and opportunities to trade Edler, Kesler and maybe Booth with the cap going up a chunk.

The reality is: we are not in panic mode, GM Mike Gillis isn’t doing his job that bad, the re-tool is going quite well, and our future is bright and ready to be a decent contender in say 2-3 years, possibly less.

Thanks for your time Canucks community.

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Horvat will probably be in London next year (not AHL eligible yet). Shinkaruk might make the team but given his injuries this year he could use a year in Utica.

I think Jensen is finally ready to make the jump. This off season will be a big on for him because he needs to contribute next year.

Schroeder is a tough call. Might just be a slow developer but hey, everyone is different.

Kassian is coming along nicely.

If MG can flip Kesler for some young NHL talent the Canucks are headed in the right direction.

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I think more likely:

Sedin-Sedin-______ (return for Edler or UFA)





_____ (Return for Kesler or UFA) - Tanev







possibly Burrows

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Good post and I agree with the following provisos: we have a change of ownership, Gillis is history, Torts has a frontal lobotomy, and the other teams in the west all regress.

Just kidding around...well not really... but there has to be some changes other than players.

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Unless Schroeder can turn into Zuccarallo, I don't see him on the team much longer.

He's too skilled to just give away.(we would not get much for him at this point)..You play him,he gets more confident ..and he turns into an asset..After the fact,you can keep him or trade him..it's a win win situation...Personally,I think he's handy to have around..

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I'm not so much worried about our forward group as I am about our Defence. Our D is pretty overrated and we are seriously lacking a PMD. To boot we have one of the highest payroll for D(4 of them have NTCs!) and Tanev is up for a substantial raise as well.

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Depending on if Kes gets traded, things could vary pretty significantly.

With Kes here (prior to any trades):

Danny - Hank - Burr/ Jensen

Higgins/ Shink? - Kes - Kassian/ Schroeder (I think this line could be good)

Matthias - Horvat - Schroeder/ Kassian

Archibald/ Richardson - Lain - Hansen/ Dalpe

Could be good if the vets play better and the kids step up. Good to see that youth may be served in next year's lineup.

With Kes gone, we'd most likely have trouble filling the tough minutes he plays; with all due respect to Schroeder, Matthias and Horvat none of them should be able to handle the guys Kes faces, and he would leave a big hole in this lineup if he gets moved.

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Schroeder and Kass have a natural chemistry you dont see everyday. They need to play together.

I would like Jensen to try playing with them on his off wing when Danny comes back to boot him off the top line.

Tanev and Stanton are going to form our top pairing and we are set with Lack/Markstrom.

I think Hunter needs to play in Utica next year. Horvat may very well make the team as our 4th line center. He has nothing to prove in junior anymore.

I cant wait to see Dane Fox in rookie camp.

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Schroeder is still only 23 years old, this is only his second year in the nhl, maybe we just give him some time, he does have the potential to become a solid asset.

Backlund, of the Calgary Flames is similar to Schroeder, he is 24, got drafted 24th compared to Schroeder 22nd. It took Backlund 5 years to finally start picking up points and develop into a good prospect for the Flames, maybe Schroeder will be similar, it may just be taking him time to develop. I wouldn't give up on him just yet

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As I said earlier in the year - it's foolish to expect much out of Schroeder after an offseason of rehab, followed by another 1/2 season of rehab.

But even when he starts finding his groove, I expect we're in pretty much the WORST division for a player of his stature. As soon as he starts producing and is worth something, I'd try to flip him.

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