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[Discussion]Top End UFA

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I doubt they would get any top FA's in a 1 year deal. It's rare to begin with and would likely only be considered if they were signing with a legit cup contender and good luck selling the Canucks as one next season.

All of the top FA's will likely sign multiple year deals for big money. Which means if the Canucks want any they will have to open up that wallet and outbid everyone else or offer the general top ballpark offer and convince the player that they will be contending soon.

Realistically it is unlikely a team in the bottom of the standings benefits from chasing the FA.

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I don't get why you think Statsny will sign here if Kesler is gone. Makes absolute no sense,...with Kes gone, Statsny wouldn't want to be on a weak team..

Stastny is what would would make the team a contender again... Currently, he has 6 more points than our leading point scorer and just 2 goals behind our leading goal scorer, despite being a playmaker. He seems to be getting back to his old ways. He has really helped MacKinnon have a great rookie season.

If we put the right players with Stastny, we would have two very good offensive lines. Stastny would be a better fit than Kesler because Kesler is a shooter and doesn't really have chemistry with anyone. Most of our wingers are shooters, rather than playmakers.

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A team struggling to make the playoffs, and a defence first coach is going to be such an inducement right?

I was hoping a 1-2 million+ contract on top of other competetive offers might entice someone, a big maybe for sure. The Canucks arn't that bad of a team, and someone looking to be a teams goto scorer might be interested.

But like others have said, players looking for longer contracts won't be interested at all. Who knows, stranger things have happened.

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Next year's UFA list is pretty bad; and some guys will be overpaid - like David Clarkson - overpaid.

I think the Canucks will wait another 1-2 years as their youth gets better before grabbing a big name and contract (Gillis did it with Sundin short term lots of money).

Here's my UFA targets for next year as the Canucks bring in Shink/BoHo/Gaunce/Fox/Jensen/Corrado/Tommernes:

Goalies (don't think they'll sign any unless they ship yet another one out for a skilled player):

- Al Montoya

- Jaroslav Halak

- Carter Hutton


- Brian Lee (moneyball signing)

- Matt Niskanen (true PMD)

- Stu Bickel (big D man that played in NYR; Alberts replacement)

- Matt Greene (stay at home Big DMAN)


- Mike Cammalieri (former Gillis client)

- Chris Conner

- Mike Santorelli (will resign here)

- Bracken Kearns (4th line; canuck bloodline)

- Ryan Jones

- Brian Boyle (big 3rd liner)

- Radim Vrbata

- Ryan Callahan (will score a HUGE contract; see if Torts can help us for once draw a UFA)

- Matt Moulson

- Paul Statsny

If they rid of Kesler/Edler/Hansen and buyout Booth the Canucks would get a full retool for 2014-15.

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Assume Booth is bought out,

what top end UFA can the canucks sign to a 1 year contract?

Stastny to C the second line or a scoring winger like Vanek/Mouson/Vrbata to line up with Hank?

I do not see signing Vanek at the price he will command. Vrbata or Jagr, or Iginla in a mid price zone interest me although I see the 2knd two as far fetched in terms of reality.

Markov would make a great fill player! Realistic?

Niskanen would be a pretty ideal target, RH PMD, that would add spades to our team even if not elite.

Sum; I'm in on Vrbata and Niskanen.

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I agree with everyone that a 1 year deal is far fetched. Should have realized that UFA's are going to seek long term deals.

With that said, the Canucks will have around 15 million in cap space with Kassian and Tanev as RFA's, re-signing Santorelli, etc.

Gillis and co have usually been fairly active in FA, targetting & signing Hamhuis/Garrison/Richardson/etc. I wonder whom they will target this year? And I guess it also depends on whether Kesler is traded and what pieces come back.

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