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Conundrum - Need opinions here and any thoughts are valid


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The question I am trying to answer is this.

I have recently finished degree and there are not many jobs in the area that match my qualifications. There are jobs, but they all want a certain amount of experience that I do not have yet. Postings that do match my qualifications are out there but they are all in smaller communities or in Alberta. So how far would one go to gain the experience in another town or city? would you move at all?

Now to the complication: I am a single father with a kid who likely cannot be moved along with me. I would likely have to give up custody and regular contact if I were to move.

What would you do?

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So you need to leave to get the experience needed to get a job here. You are looking at probably a few years away. BUT you dont want to leave your child behind. Not an easy situation.

IF it was me, my decision would be based on how good a home environment would the person I am leaving the child with be able to provide? Is this person the childs other birth parent? IF it is at all iffy I wouldnt go. But then thats a simple answer to a complicated question.

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Any other career option unrelated to your post education you could persue . How would things look in a few years in regards to your child.

I assume you don't have 100% full custody and the other parent has visitation rights.I. Have personally turned down much better paying jobs to stay close to my family could be making 2-3 times what I am making now but would require being away from home for extended periods at a time. I made the choice based on family first but everyone is different.

In ten years I might explore these options again but as of now I will sacrifice a higher wage to be at home every night.

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