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[Proposal] Plan for 2014/2015

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Before I begin I apologize for not being as specific as some of the other posts here.

Up until the last few games I've been pro-rebuild, but watching how Henrik, Burrows, and Jensen have been playing, if they keep it up for the rest of the season I think a playoff run is possible next year.

I will assume Horvat & Corrado are ready for the NHL next year, but Gaunce, Shinkaruk, and whoever else are not.

From the team right now, I'd want to resign Santorelli, Tanev, Weber, and Kassian and if there's enough cap space left over Schroeder and Dalpe.

If any team wants him for anything I'd get rid of Booth, but if not try and buy him out. If he stays try putting him through waivers right away and see if any team will take him, but if not keep him in the AHL where the cap won't be as bad as if he was in the NHL.

If nothing else is done the lines would be:


Jensen (better than Higgins if he keeps it up)/Kesler/Santorelli (can be replaced by Higgins if necessary)


Sestito/Matthias/Kassian (one concern on this line is defense, I'd put Hamhuis and Tanev out with them at all times)

Richardson and if resigned Schroeder and Dalpe can be there for injuries, or any other free agent signings for depth players.



Edler/Corrado (can be swaped with Weber if need be)



However, if Burrows can get his trade value up and is willing to waive his no trade clause he could be traded for a young prospect and be replaced by a free agent or traded for a young gun. I'd prefer a sniper or playmaker to play with Sedins.

Edler would be another one who if he can waive his no trade clause I'd like to replace. Similar situation with Burrows, trade for a younger prospect and replace wit ha free agent or trade for a young gun. A solid defender (less offense than Edler, but a lot more defense).

If a veteran goalie with similar skill to Lack can be signed for a 1 year deal, give Markstrom some time in the minors and have Lack and the other goalie split games (41 and 41).

If the plan blows over trade Kesler at the deadline and any of the D-Man who would waive their NTC (Hamhuis, Bieska, Garrison, Edler). No matter what keep Horvat, Shinkaruk, Gaunce, Corrado, and Tanev.

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tanev is great positionally but has no physicality or offense rather trade him for a 1st and draft a good mean dman like mckeown

tanev is gonna want 3-4 mill a yr long term hes worth 2-2.5

Tanev has 17 points and is leading the team with +12. He is stupidly reliable, durable, and is starting to show some offense.

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I wouldn't assume Horvat is ready.

Recall how many people on CDC thought Jensen would be ready? Horvat hasn't played any meaningful NHL games, let alone AHL ones. Like Jensen, I think he will benefit playing lots of minutes in Utica, but he isn't even AHL eligible next year.

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I love Burrows and Bieksa, but if there really is truth to Kesler wanting out I can see us looking to get younger in all their spots. They're a bit of a group within the team (not that they aren't welcoming to those outside that group) who are closer as friends than with others and if one goes I could see the others being more willing to do the same.

This all assumes the return is worthwhile, and we don't have to move all of them (certainly not in a single trade), but I can see value in getting something for these three rather than letting them ride out the remainder of their careers here.

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