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Greatest Canuck goaltender of all-time?


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A) Kirk McLean

B) Roberto Luongo

C) Johnny Bower

D) Tony Esposito

E) Gump Worsley

Interesting note, 3 of these former Canuck goalies are in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Bower doesn't count.

Neither does Esposito.

And yup, neither does Worsley.

But good trivia find relating to WHL Canucks. Yay.

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Gotta go with Captain Kirk over Luongo by a hair, only because he was with the team a bit longer.

Otherwise, they're both about the same. Both had long runs with the team, both helped bring the team back to respectability after years of poor teams, and both had that one magical run all the way to game 7 of the SCF.

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