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Jensen is the worst thing to happen to this franchise


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By lighting up the bottom feeders of the NHL (most of these team are two or three players from being an AHL team) he has now guaranteed we're Calgary 2.0. Instead of making the "bold moves" necessary to change the direction of this team. MG will now spout nothing but excuses this off-season (just like every other off-season).

Because he has had one semi-successful pick (Jensen's long tern success is still debatable.) out of six years of draft picks all of the prospects are now can't miss NHL superstars His 0.0003% drafting success rate will be floated all summer by the fanboy's and media lemmings as proof that he's some drafting savant. It's going to be nauseating.

This management group needed to be forced into moves since they don't have the raisins to do it otherwise. We are witnessing the worst case scenario for this organization.

Nice to know you playoffs. See you in ten.

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Likely nobody is going to add anything useful to this thread, but i'll offer a disagreement on two points:

1. A player seemingly panning out is not the worst thing to happen to a franchise. Not compared to having everyone not pan out.

2. If you'd notice, we haven't defeated any team of consequence lately, despite Jensen's emergence. We scraped by Florida and Winnipeg, and shutout Nashville. These aren't earth-shattering events.

Not sure why this thread was needed, since it was so wrong. But I don't expect it to be around for long.

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