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Blocking my topic


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Nice to know you playoffs. See you in ten.

Even if the 'nucks don't make it this year they will be a playoff team for at least a couple more years. The problem is that if I'm right, MG is going to need to be a bit more aggressive than he has been or the Canucks are going to slowly drift into mediocrity. Unfortunately that's what ended up dooming the Sabres. A passive GM that fell in love with his players who then underperformed and slowly and painfully dragged the team down.

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Guest Gumballthechewy

Ban me please.

I've been here for over 10 years and if you can't make comments critical of this team or organization you might as well ban me.

This organization has become a bunch of insular, petulant babies.

What a joke.

You've been here ten years yet you've learned nothing.

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How did I exaggerate?

.0003% draft success rate?

How many draft picks must the denominator have for this fraction to be realized?

(The numerator has at least 3: Kassian (from Hodgson), Schroeder, Jensen so there would have to have been about 100,000 picks by Gillis & Co.)

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