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Before you play the blame game.... kinda long read.


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Far more interesting and compelling than Vancouver's particular situation, is the fact that five of the six most penalized teams are Canadian. The two lesser penalized Canadian teams are Calgary and Edmonton - teams that are in no danger of bumping a US team out of the playoffs. The five contending Canadian teams Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Toronto, and Winnipeg are all getting f*cked by the league and the officials that they rule. It is not only the power plays but the crap served up by US teams against Canadian teams that goes unpenalized.

If people can't see this for what it is they are idiots. Look at the penalty stats. Look where the contending Canadian teams are. If you can't see that writing on that particular wall, you are blind.

there are no "contending" canadian teams, and especially including vancouver, ottawa and winnipeg, three teams that are competing for top 10 picks instead of playoff spots, in your assessment is laughable.

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I was thinking about this, it started to clearly make sense.

Then I thought some more. I remember we had a few games that were complete gong shows. I dug up my favourite three.

VS CGY 01/18/14 | 103 PIMS
VS ANA 01/15/14 | 73 PIMS
vs LAK 01/13/14 | 69 PIMS
Adding up to 245 PIMS. Take away these three games and it drops us to 694 PIMS putting us in the middle of the pack.
16. Pittsburgh = 696 PIM
17. Calgary = 685 PIM
I do agree since the Sedin's have been spending their time killing penalties it has hurt their scoring numbers. Not for the lack of effort. I am just saying we shouldn't have the "poor old us" mentality.
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