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Just figured I'd toss in my $.02. People can spell anyway they wish on an internet message board. That's their business.

Just as it is my business to label them an imbecile when they type something like "your nuts". When they are referring to someones mentality and not their testicles.

OP has one of these which I noticed the other day,

NVM your just retarded

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Um .. the point of correcting someone in writing is because you can tell. How the hell can you tell if someone is saying 'your' or 'you're' in conversation? Your stupidity astounds me.

I wasn't talking about those words specifically but thanks captain obvious. I'm pretty sure reasonable people put that together by themselves. And there are plenty of other examples of saying something incorrect during a convo. I hear it all the time but never correct people. Because that's lame.
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Stupid thread that belongs in white noise but whatever.

It's not that freaking difficult to keep your usage of these words in line with the rules of our language. Just do it, numbnuts.

Then-Than bothers me the most though. It's like you're incredibly lazy or you just have no clue at all about how our language operates. If the latter is the case, so be it, but learn. If not, well, how about being even more lazy and just not posting at all?

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"Ya" always bothered me for some reason. I imagine the jaws hanging stupidly and creaking in the wind.

If you want to be taken seriously, use passable grammar. I'm sure I have run on sentences and whatnot even with perfect spelling but I think in the age of everyone using smartphones to be on CDC, you have no excuse of having crapty spelling with autocorrect handy.


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Guest Gumballthechewy

I think samsung auto correct is a pretty valid excuse.A mistake here and there isn't terrible grammar. That is called being human.

I don't care about grammar mistakes, I just hate excuses is all. Just say you don't give a damn about grammar and be done with it! No more beating around the bush!

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while I do know the difference and the correct way to use all said words, I do not feel inclined to use them all properly on an internet forum. so please if you see an error in any of my replies or posts, feel free to keep the correction to yourself. I already know and dont care.

like that?
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Your right, you're post makes a good point. Their is always going to be those people here and they're that point out mistakes but that's there problem.

I can't help but think that you're mocking me.






am I grammaring right?

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