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Bad spelling and grammar doesn't bother me in the slightest. Or at least not nearly as much as those who feel the need to correct others for it while adding nothing of substance to the discussion themselves.

Keep fighting the good fight, Gooseberries.

Bad spelling & poor grammar don't bother me nearly as much as bad opinions...that can't be swayed.

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Stupid thread that belongs in white noise but whatever.

It's not that freaking difficult to keep your usage of these words in line with the rules of our language. Just do it, numbnuts.

Then-Than bothers me the most though. It's like you're incredibly lazy or you just have no clue at all about how our language operates. If the latter is the case, so be it, but learn. If not, well, how about being even more lazy and just not posting at all?

Quite honestly, they all bug me, but the ones that make me laugh are the ones where people believe that some recording artists' usage of a word is correct.....

I have on several occasions seen people on this board say that something is "ludacris" and have also seen them refer to others as "pre-madonnas".... :sadno:

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If only people could learn the proper use of irony.

For example: Paul Walker dying in a speeding car crash is not ironic.

And why do people say, "oh, the ironing!" ??

I blame Alanis Morissette

I know what you're saying but ... I think there actually is some irony in your chosen example.

Don't you?

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I'm pretty sure that's a Simpsons reference.

Nice! I have been wondering that for a long time. Thanks, man.

I know what you're saying but ... I think there actually is some irony in your chosen example.

Don't you?

No. Tragic coincidence. His movies were all about driving fast, and he died in a speeding car crash. If he died in a slow-moving car crash--like a fender bender--then it would be ironic.

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