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Anybody else cheering for Philly in the playoffs?


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The Habs are pretty much the last team I'd like to see win, not so much because of the team itself, but because of their obnoxious fans.

Personally, I'm pulling for the Blues. They've been waiting for a Cup even longer than we have.

I have a soft spot for the Habs. Really enjoyed the Bowman/Pollock era.

But i cannot stand Habs fans. So many of them where im from in Regina. Always were snotty to me about my fandom for the Canucks. Plus the fact that many cheered the Bruins on to defeat the Canucks. Which makes them even that much more idiotic, considering the Habs-Bruins rivalry.

But im with you on seeing the Blues succeed. They are playing solid Hockey, the right kind of Hockey with that magic roster mix.

Not really into Philly. Probably moreso because of how they are run (or previously managed by Clarke the blowhard).

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a blast from the past

A Day In The Life Of Bobby Clarke

By: Ian Dudgeon & John Dobson
7:00- Wake up. Check cave for food.
7:15- No food in cave. Lindros must have eat food. Lindros bad. Blame Lindros.
7:25- Fight dog for dentures.
7:45- Leave for work.
8:00- Traffic jam on expressway. Lindros must be at fault. Lindros bad. Blame Lindros.
8:15- Arrive at office.
8:20- Secretly check height on line penciled behind office door. See if Clarke be bigger. Big good.
8:21- Clarke no bigger. Blame Lindros. Eat Wheaties to get bigger.
8:25- Bang head on open cupboard putting away cereal. Lindros must be responsible. Blame Lindros.
8:45- Crank call Mike Smith, call him pinko commie bastard. Russian bad.
8:46- Feel proud of being the last bastion of defense against the ongoing Red Scare. Russian bad.
9:00- See clip of self on Sportscenter. Clarke on TV good. Clarke like. Clarke schedule news conference for l0:00 in AM.
9:15- Call Snider, remind Snider of incriminating photos. Secure job for another day.
9:30- Go to hidden vault and make sure photos still safe.
9:31- Forget combo. Blame Lindros.
9:32- Go back to desk to get combo out of drawer.
9:35- Forget why go desk. Blame Lindros.
9:40- Recheck height against pencil mark. See if Wheaties worked.
9:41- Still no bigger. Lindros must be moving mark up. Clarke be big. Blame Lindros.
9:50- Realize have press conference in 10 minutes, need to come up with something so Clarke can see face on TV.
9:51- Call secretary to get coach ASAP. Forget coach name. Too many too fast.
9:55- Fire coach.
10:00- Have press conference. Say fire coach. Blame Lindros.
10:20- Promote assistant coach.
10:30- Read scouting report.
10:31- See Zdena Chara's name. Run around office in circles whooping like a chimpanzee when Clarke see height/weight.
10:35- Call Mike Milbury. Call him pinko commie bastard.
10:40- Glout over being last bastion of defense against Red Scare. Russian bad.
10:41- Realize was wrong Mike.
10:42- Call Mike Milbury.
10:43- Tell Milbury Lindros now impersonate Clarke. Say bad thing. Lindros bad. Blame Lindros.
10:45- Demand Chara be Flyer. Chara big. Big good.
10:50- Mike Milbury ask for Gagne. Clarke need think.
10:51- Head start to hurt.
10:52- Milbury say give Cairns as well for a 1st.
10:53- Clarke stop thinking. Too much hurt. Ask Milbury how big Cairns.
10:55- Run around in circles making chimpanzee noises when Milbury answer. Cairns big. Big good.
10:56- Realize on speaker phone. Say Lindros broke into office, make bad noise. Blame Lindros. Lindros bad.
11:00- Smile smugly for robbing Mike Milbury of Chara and Cairns for Gagne and 1st. Flyers get 290 pounds bigger. Big good.
11:05- Tell secretary to schedule press conference for after lunch.
11:06- Clap hands and jump up and down when realize get to be on TV again.
11:10- Go to lunch.
11:15- Order steak dinner. Waiter say salad included.
11:20- Waiter calls Clarke Russian.
11:21- Break Waiter's ankle.
11:22- Realizes Waiter no call Clarke Russian, Waiter ask if Clarke he want Russian dressing.
11:23- Tell Waiter not Clarke's fault. Clarke can't be to blame. Was Lindros. Lindros bad. Blame Lindros.
11:25- Clarke get steak. Realize got wrong teeth in, wearing the fangs (obligatory Simpsons reference).
11:26- Send steak back. Ask for Wheaties. No need teeth eat Wheaties. Wheaties make Clarke big. Big good.
12:00- Go back office.
12:05- Check height on pencil mark. Clarke still no bigger. Blame Lindros.
12:15- Have press conference. Remind world Lindros bad.
12:30- Smile smugly in office.
12:31- Realize forgot announce trade. Schedule press conference for 4:00.
12:45- Get out blankie for nap time. Can't sleep from insomnia. Blame Lindros. Lindros bad.
1:30- Finally fall asleep. Dream of breaking Lindros ankle. Hurt Lindros. Hurt good.
3:55- Wake up. Remember something to do. Can't remember. Blame Lindros for stealing brain. Lindros Bad.
4:30- Secretary calls. Says Clarke miss press conference. Fire secretary. Fire new coach too. Call Ron Hextall to be new coach. Hextall break ankles too. Hextall good.
4:45- Call secretary to schedule press conference for 6:00 to announce new coach. Secretary no answer. Must be Lindros again. Lindros steal secretary. Lindros bad.
5:00- Clarke hungry. Clarke go to diner and order pizza. Still wrong teeth.
5:45- Send pizza back. Waiter say too late to send back. Clarke kick waiter in shins.
5:47- Order oatmeal. Spill bowl on lap. Blame Lindros for greasing bowl. Lindros lie. Lindros bad.
5:59- Remember press conference. Run back to office. Trip on dog leash on sidewalk. Kick dog. Blame Lindros for dog.
6:00- Pick up phone in office. Nobody there except some guy humming.
6:20- Guy humming won't stop. Must be Lindros on line. Tell him I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU. Stomp feet.
6:25- Call secretary to fix phone. Secretary no there. Remember that Lindros steal secretary. Lindros Bad.
6:30- Give up on press conference. Call Keith Jones wife to send condolences. Keith Jones wife say Keith Jones not dead. Keith Jones retire. Clarke confuse. Clarke remember Keith is Lindros friend. Stomp feet.
6:45- Remember still have to pay Keith Jones even though Keith Jones no play. Call Pat Quinn to trade Jones for Cory Cross. Cross BIG. Big good.
6:55-Quinn laugh at Clarke for trade offer. Clark stomp feet. Quinn say Justin Williams for Cross. Clark think. Williams not big. Small bad. Cross big - big good. Clark say yes but want to trade Boucher too. Quinn say yes. Clark smile. Get big Cross for small Williams and Boucher. Clarke win trade. Smile
7:30-Crank call Smith again. Call him Commie Puke. Realize wrong number. Called Konstantinov instead.
7:45-Get call from Yzerman. Yzerman say he hear about call to Konstantinov. RedWing team coming to talk to Clarke about it. Clarke say "Ok, but no commie pukes can come in". Yzerman hang up phone.
7:55-Clarke worry. Call Flyer team to come over just in case. All Flyer but McCallister hang up phone. McCallister say he coming. Big player come. Big player beat up all RedWing. Big Good.
8:30- Knock on door. Open door. RedWings with sticks at door. See commie puke Fedorov. Close door.
8:31 - Knock again. Must be pizza man. Open door. RedWings still there. Where McCallister? Forgot to give McCallister directions. Oops.
8:35 - RedWings want to hurt Clarke. Clarke get stick. Break all their ankles. RedWings run away. Wings bad. Why Wings want to hurt Clarke? Must be Lindros tell them to. Lindros bad.
9:45 - Gary Bettman call. Ask what happened with RedWings. Clarke say Lindros send them. Lindros Bad. Gary say Clarke in trouble. Clarke laugh and call Gary a treasure troll. Gary say Clarke in bigger trouble. Clarke hang up phone. Clarke smart.
10:00- Clarke wonder why Gary call. Must be Lindros saying bad things. Lindros bad.
10:05 - Crank call Lindros family house. Bonnie pick up phone. Clarke fart into phone, laugh hysterically and hang up. Clarke funny.
10:10 - Clarke tired. Go to bed. Can't sleep. Blame Lindros. Lindros bad. Think about trades Clarke made today. Team get bigger. Big good. Think about firing Hextall.
10:15 - Remember to call Buffalo to see if they want to trade Gratton. Get Gratton again. Maybe Renberg too.
10:20 - Get out Lindros Voodoo doll to help sleep.
10:21 - Forgot take out teeth. Still have fangs in. Bite Lindros doll with fangs.
10:25 - Fall asleep dreaming of Lindros getting hurt. Laugh in sleep. Lindros bad.

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Go flyers love the skillset Giroux brings to the table day in and day out

Without Giroux this team is dead

Although not dead they still got young guns like Brayden Schenn(who the Canucks should trade for in offseason) and Couturier

The Flyers are one of the hottest teams

From starting 1-7-1 early in the season to being almost #1 in the Division

It's amazing what Craig Berube has transformed this team into

Just hope the Canucks hire a coach that has the same winning mentality as this guy

This guy has a bright future as head coach for the Flyers and in the NHL

Although they might be facing the Rangers

I want the Flyers to sweep this Rangers team just to prove that we fired the right man last season

Getting Torts was not such a bad idea

But I don't think he fits the Canucks future plans

The goal is to always win the Cup

We use to be winning consecutive division titles and president trophies

Go Flyers, Jackets and Habs

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