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Player gets checked...Fan feels it


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Didn't see this posted in White Noise and I figured that a few people would get a laugh out of it.

During Thursday night's Montreal vs Columbus game, a very petite woman stood up and started banging on the glass just as one of the players was about to complete a check. Needless to say, the woman was pressed up against it and took the brunt of the hit and went flying.

Before anybody says anything, it still would have been funny if it was a guy. Probably even more so since he would have been embarrassed.


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Got what she deserved. I hate people who bang on the glass.

People banging on the glass doesn't bother me, but if they end up getting knocked down because of it, they have nobody to blame but themselves.

What made this one stand apart was not just that she got knocked down, but that she went flying backwards like a missile.

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Yeah, walking around wearing it and stuff. Like he likes the team or something. Hate him.

I don't care about what team he supports no different from a Canucks fan, but he just looks like a total d-bag with that jersey on especially when he taunts opposing team players... His celebrity statues doesn't help either :)

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