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[Proposal] 2014 Canucks Off-Season

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Decided to try my first proposal, flame away! :towel:


Trade 1:

To Van:

Ryan O'Reilly (The Canucks get a young center they desperately need. O'Reilly is only 23 years old and is almost on pace for 70 points this year. O'Reilly can be become the future first line center of this team, and the Canucks would be set down the middle for years to come.)

To Col:

Ryan Kesler (The Avs don't seem to be on the same page as O'Reilly with his contract demands. Bringing in Kesler allows them to shed some salary and bring some veteran presence and leadership into a very young locker room.)

Chris Tanev (Sure it would hurt to give up Tanev, but to get something you gotta give something up. The Avalanche are thin on the blueline and Tanev would fit right in with that you team.

Trade 2:

To Van

3rd round pick

To Edm:

Jannik Hansen (With Matthias Hansen becomes a bit redundant. I also thinks Hansen's play has slipped this year and it is time to give the young guys a chance.)


David Booth (enough said)


Steve Ott ($3.500m) 2yrs

Ryan O'Reilly ($6.100m) 5yrs

Zack Kassian ($3.400m) 3yrs

Yannick Weber ($1.200m) 1yr

2014-15 Vancouver Canucks
Daniel Sedin ($7.000m) / Henrik Sedin ($7.000m) / Zack Kassian ($3.400m)
Nicklas Jensen ($0.863m) / Ryan O'Reilly ($6.100m) / Alexandre Burrows ($4.500m)
Chris Higgins ($2.500m) / Bo Horvat ($0.925m) / Shawn Matthias ($1.750m)
Steve Ott ($3.500m) / Brad Richardson ($1.150m) / Tom Sestito ($0.750m)
Darren Archibald ($0.726m)
Alexander Edler ($5.000m) / Kevin Bieksa ($4.600m)
Dan Hamhuis ($4.500m) / Jason Garrison ($4.600m)
Ryan Stanton ($0.550m) / Frank Corrado ($0.591m)
Yannick Weber ($1.200m) /
Eddie Lack ($1.150m)
Brian Elliott ($2.000m)
David Booth ($0.000m)
Keith Ballard ($0.000m)
Jacob Markstrom ($0.275m)

I think this lineup is very versatile. Ott can play anywhere from second to fourth line, you could have Kass, Burrows or Jensen Playing with the Sedins. The loss of Tanev hurts the back-end, but you have to count on Edler and Garrison having bounce back years.

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Kesler AND Tanev for ROR's rights? Hansen for just a third? $3.4 million a year for Kassian?

No...just no.

Well with that logic it is Kesler and Tanev's rights for ROR's rights. Obviously Gillis would have to talk to O'Reilly's camp before the trade to make sure they are on the same page. O'Reilly has more points than Kesler and a future of O'Reilly, Horvat, Gaunce down the middle looks pretty sweet.

I would say that a 3rd for Hansen is probably pretty realistic maybe just maybe you could get a second rounder but that's about it.

As for Kass, the Cap is going up and players are going to be asking for more. Kassian is fourth on the Canucks in goal-scoring and that is playing with Booth and Richardson for most of the year with no PP time, so I don't think it is that far off.

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Kesler and Tanev for O'Reilly is overpayment.

I think we could find another top 6 center and give up less.

Hansen for a 3rd round pick that will most likely never be a player that can help us.

Why would you do that? Hansen can help our team now, he's just not a top 6 player.

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I agree with the OP that Kesler will be traded and Booth will be bought out. I would also agree with moving Hansen as his production has dropped off and we need some room for new blood. Richardson is serviceable but I'm not entirely sold.

So we should be keeping Hank, Daniel, Kassian, Higgins, Santorelli, Burrows, Jensen, Matthias. That leaves room for Horvat, two new UFA's and two players out of(Archibald, Sestito, Richardson, Lain, Schroeder or another rookie).

On defense I would definitely keep Tanev. We could upgrade on Weber with a better UFA. the OP has not spent to the cap so there is room for a D upgrade. A veteran goalie to back up Lack is a given.

The team could have a good season in 14/15 if Jensen and Kassian continue to improve, Santorelli plays like he did the first half of this year and Daniel remembers how to score goals. Playoffs will be reachable next year.

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Kesler and Tanev for Redundant O'Reilly? Why? So he can play LW? We lose a 2nd line center and a 1st line RW for a 2nd line center/2nd line LW and we lose Tanev ontop of that

With Horvat, Gaunce, Fox and Cassels in the system ROR is pointless and worth anything but that cap hit

And Hansen is at minimum worth 2 2nds and a 3rd being on a cap friendly contract with term and is a very good 3rd liner

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the Avs aren't gunna give up ROR. Yes his contract demands are ridiculous but the kid has a VERY bright future. As for as salary cap goes we would have to qualify 6.5 mil for ROR, who knows what he actually wants as far as term and salary but if we want to make this trade work we need to shed cap. Sure the cap may go up a little bit but the Canadian dollar isnt helping the canucks and Gilman is a god when it comes to this team's cap structure. If we do by some crazy way get ROR we would def lose on the trade as far as giving up assets.

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