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Pretty simple discussion topic, who do you think it will be?

Erik Karlsson 70GP 19G 46A 65P -20

Duncan Keith 71GP 5G 50A 55P +23

Alex Pietrangelo 71GP 8G 40A 48P +22

PK Subban 72GP 10G 40A 50P +0

Shea Weber 69GP 18G 28A 46P -11

Victor Hedman 64GP 11G 35A 46P +7

Ryan Suter 72GP 7G 33A 40P +8

Zdeno Chara 68GP 16G 19A 45P +24

Drew Doughty 71GP 8G 27A 35P +17

Mark Giordano 53GP 12G 31A 43P +11

Personally, I think if Giordano was healthy all year he would run away with the award. Amazing the season he's having on one of the league's worst teams.

My vote has to be for Keith, however. The guy has taken his game to another level entirely this year.

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I absolutely agree with Gio. Nobody has really noticed him that much this season. He's quietly had his best season by far. I think even if he had played the full season, he SHOULD win it, but wouldn't.

Solely because the Media would likely not really acknowledge Gio's amazing season, while people like Keith, Karlsson, Subban who have been nominated before would likely get the votes.

For now, it would have to be Keith.

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Brother watches Sens all the time so I watch Karlsson, he is really impressive

I think it's down to Karlsson and Keith, voting Karlsson

-20 is going to hurt him a lot. Lidstrom is the only negative player I think that has won and that was mostly because it was Lidstrom

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I have been watching Karlson a bit this year and he is really impressive the way he moves the puck. Might be the best puck moving dman in the league and he can score from basically anywhere. He is like henrik used to be, looks like he is going really slow but he is actually a fast skater. He is really entertaining to watch even on a losing sens squad.

That being said I would have to give it to keith even though karlson has more raw skill. Keith might be racking up the assists because of the players around him but his plus minus is going to look better to those giving the award and I think that's why he will win.

If I had it my way though would give it to karlsson just an amazing dman.

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