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What is your most hated team in the NHL?


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Mine personally is Boston. I can find many reasons to love every single other team, but Boston... Ugh.

Reasons :

Brad Marchand

Brad Marchand

Brad Marchand

Brad Marchand

Brad Marchand

And those are my top 5 reasons. Whats your most hated team?

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Boston, but I have way more reasons than Marchand.






The arrogant as hell fans

And previously:

Dr. Recchi


Actually LA is a very close second



Dustin 'Potato' 'Knee-on-Knee' Brown

The team's twitter account

The bandwagon fans (I was in LA for a couple days during the playoffs series we had against them in 2010, and I saw ONE Kings jersey. Skip ahead two years and suddenly the Kings have a legion of 'fans' just because they're winning)

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I usee to hate Chicago but now it's more of a respect and admiration thing. Hate the Leafs, Edmonton, Bruins and The Kings though with a passion.

Cbc and Glenn Healy

Delusional Oil Fans

Marchand, Chara and Julien and the fact that they can't accept a clean hit ever..

Kings bandwagon fans and Dustin Brown and Doughty and the twitter account etc etc

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Habs, Penguins, for entitled fans and extremely arrogant fans, Bruins just bully everyone that rivalry is kind of hard to re-kindle with the Canucks anyone who isn't a fan of them probably hates them.

New Jersey, Lou Lamoriello, boring trap hockey. Red Wings entitled spoiled arrogant fans much like San Antonio in basketball who think they should be winners every year.

Leafs probably too just because of the overexposure factor in all sports media in Canada.

Tampa Bay maybe too because of that annoying guy that screams until his rectum bursts when Stamkos scores.

I think that covers the main ones a more interesting list would be to combine all major sports and see which are most hated. Usually it's the ones with the most championships, media coverage, or players constantly in the spotlight.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs.

I hate how they are the centre of the NHL limelight despite continuous mediocrity.

For example, Dreger single-handedly made Gardiner sound like he was going to be the saviour of the Toronto Maple Leafs before he even played a single NHL game.

This. Before Gardiner it was Schenn. Don't forget how they've been shoved down our throats every Saturday night.

And multiply that by 9000 and that's what its like living there as a non-beleafer. God, I hope they miss the playoffs.

My hate for Boston decreased after what they did to them last year.

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