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With thanks to the Green Men for posting this on their FB page. The Penguins decided to have a little fun on social media and let people tweet questions to James Neal with the hashtag #AskNeal It didn't go quite as well as they might have hoped.


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My Favorites

@penguins If you opened a bar how cheap would your shots be #AskNeal

If a tree falls down in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does James Neal still cross check it in the face?

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could cross check someone in the face #AskNeal

#AskNeal are you the type of guy that plays NHL 14 and skates around after whistles and hits everyone?

Gave me a good laugh, I wonder how many were just going along with the theme/in jest and how many were serious

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The shot one was the best. Though many of them were pretty funny.

Players love hate from other franchises. Means they're doing something right in getting under their skin.
Neal probably had a good laugh and felt pretty darn good about himself after this.

I dunno if I would considering throwing elbows, knees, and sticks into the heads of opposing players, "Doing something right." But yes that will get under the skin of the fans as well as opposing teams.

Plus... and more significantly might I add... have you noticed his 3 most known infractions?


Flyers. Embarrassed the Penguins out of the playoffs a couple years ago.
Bruins. Swept the Penguins out of the playoffs last year.
Red Wings. Season isn't over but they are 1 point out of a spot that would see them face the Penguins in round 1. Not to mention they did just beat them in that recent game with the infraction.

If anything I think teams that push the Penguins around are more prone to getting under his skin. The Penguins get dominated by most of these teams. For a skilled player its better to be hated for coming into a town and playing great hockey against them. Not so much playing crappy hockey and hurting the teams other players.

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