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The NSA Has Impersonated Facebook To Spread Malware


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Did you know that the NSA pretends to be Facebook sometimes? As Gallagher and Greenwald report, "In some cases the NSA has masqueraded as a fake Facebook server, using the social media site as a launching pad to infect a target's computer and exfiltrate files from a hard drive." That's a little extra worrisome when you consider the fact that Facebook has Like buttons spread across the entire internet, giving the NSA that many more chances for its malware to burrow into your hard drive.

This effort and the others described in the report are lead by the NSA's elite Tailored Access Operations (TAO) unit. We've heard about this unit before. Last year, Der Spiegel published an exposée on TAO, which one Gizmodo writer described as a "premier ninja hacking squad." The new report has some new details, including some on the specific tools the NSA uses to spy on you and your friends

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