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Positives of Trying to Make the Playoffs


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Nobody wants to miss the playoffs, but if you are gonna, then do it right and get a high draft pick.

ie TB lightning - got to game 7 of east finals then misses playoffs for 2 seasons and got a top 3 pick on one of it (Drouin). Now this year theyre back competing for the cup again.

also look at Montreal - makes playoffs in a row recently then misses one and got top 3 pick ( galchenyuk ) and now back in the playoff mix again

Canucks will be back to their winning ways next season with some tweaks in their lineup and coaching. But why not get a high pick this upcoming draft and get a blue chip prospect to develop and even insert into the lineup next season. Huge difference from #7 pick to #12. At around #6-8 there's lots of good options like to move up the draft and get into top 5 by packaging that pick or just wait for a really good prospect to fall at that range.

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I think there are some benefits of trying to make the playoffs that make up for the slightly worse draft pick. I don't logically think they will make it, but I still want them to try. Here's why:

- It sends a message to potential Free Agents on and off this team that we are still trying to win and will not accept being a pack of losers. I can't see quality Free Agents continuing to sign with a team that is tanking intentionally.

- Playoff Style hockey (what we have to play from here on out) is a good experience for our players who lack NHL playoff experience. Not just rookies like Lack and Jensen but also players who have played for teams like Florida who have not experienced much intense competition.

- It gives a chance for older players to raise their value in case we need to trade them. If Booth continues to score at even a moderate pace we can trade him for real assets rather than buying him out. Same goes for other veterans we may need to trade for younger models. This could easily offset the reduced draft position.

One narrowly missed run for the playoffs does not a Calgary make. The key is to get back up into competitive mode and tanking is not the only way to achieve that.

- Briere, Timonen, Hartnell all signed with Philadelphia after they posted a league worst 56 points (2nd worst team scored 67 points) Philly ends up with the 2nd overall pick and 2 all star players with a mid 20's player who was on a 28 goal in 82 game pace the past season. Parise and Suter leave two teams that made the playoffs for a Wild team that missed the playoffs by 14 points. Gaborik leaves a playoff Rangers team for a non playoff Blue Jackets team. Chara leaves the #1 ranked team in the East for a Bruins team that missed the playoffs by 26 points. John LeClair, Mark Recchi, Sergei Gonchar, and Zigmund Palffy all sign in Pittsburgh after a last place 58 point season with 3 of the 4 leaving playoff teams. Point being. Finishing a season terribly means nothing a FA will still sign if they like the future direction of the team.

- Playoff experience is a nice thing to have but as it's been made clear the Canucks have been a long shot for a very very very long time now. Not to mention plenty of playoff players have remained as playoff chokers while many players who dominant have since the first year. Like mentioned its nice to have but it is little promising as a high draft pick or a FA signing in the city.

- Booth scores in streaks. Most of his points this season come in consecutive games. Booth does have 5 points this month but in 13 games and he is still a higher cap hit. Maybe someone takes him on but the odds of getting an actual asset is near impossible. He would have to go on a legit tear scoring almost every game before and even then no team is guaranteed to give up a decent asset based on 10 games. Best case scenario you are still trying to work with 5th round picks or later or players stuck in the AHL. The player with the most value to gain was Kesler and he isn't even playing.

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