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Media affects on players


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I think that it is just fine to talk about goaltending when it comes to any team. To maybe even share exited speculation about the upcoming talent and hopes you have for the future of a team, namely these Vancouver Canucks. The truth is, we are unbelievably blessed, or at least it appears from our current vantage point that we are blessed. The current vantage point is arguably the only vantage point that matters. (you cant tell the future). We have just passed Two wonderful goaltenders on, only to have two wonderful prospects show up virtually the next day.

The fear that I and I think others like mindedly share, is in the media. Goaltending is the most scrutinized position in game and what's more, a goaltender in a Canadian market has OH so many eyes on them: both fans and media. The media has cast so many negativities about each and every situation in the past few years towards this team. These opinions come from a far removed vantage point, at least when you compare it to the inside of the locker room. They are remote observer's who have a lot of influence on the general fans/public, and need a sense of responsibility when putting a message out there.

This oaken shield, donning the crest of the Canucks has had far too many arrows plunged into it that we all see, it bears a chance of breaking. Torts, has taken in his chest so much of the media projectiles and this has cleared a little sky for the team. In my opinion one of his greater attributes is that he is a media magnet.

I would just call for fans to not take into too much consideration the words of the media. No doubt in time they will turn towards the goaltending situation. I for one will boycott any media source spilling their desperation for a story in this teams direction. Freedom of speech with responsibility please.

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