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Little bit of an analysis on the picks in our range.

Tom Sestito

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Since 2006 Detroits drafting has been abysmal. Tartar and Nyquist (and presumably Mantha) are the only decent players. In spite of the fact they have drafted 52 players.

Detroit's drafting hasn't been abysmal.

- Sheahan (regular in the lineup)

- Jarnkrok (traded)

- Jurco (playing top 6 minutes)

- Mrazek (already seen some minutes in the NHL, with above average numbers)

- Ouellet (highly touted defensmen)

- Sproul (another highly touted dmen)

- Almquist (best offensive dmen on the farm)

- Pulkkinen

It took Nyquist three years in the minors, too become a regular in the big leagues.

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Yep and it's a great spot to pick. 1-4 are almost guaranteed players. 5-8 are usually high end players with risk involved and are either boom or bust type players and taken cause they are the best player available atm. 9-15 is the 50/50 zone. Can get a real good gem player by getting lucky or an average guy or a busy. Where the gold is hidden and some teams get lucky, others not so much. Here's to hoping we keep the 1st round trend going and land another stud.

Crazy how many of those actually don't turn out well.

Dipietro #1 in 2000

Svitov #3 in 01

Zherdev #4 in 03

Barker #3 in 04

Pouliot #4 in 05

Hickey #4 in 07 ( who's finally turning it around a bit)

Bogosian #3 in 08 (really underwhelming)

A bit early but Larsson in '11 and Yakupov in '12 are underwhelming ATM

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Well, the Bruins are #1 in the East and the earliest draft pick in their line up is Dougie Hamilton who was a #9 pick. Bergeron (45), Krejci (63), Marchand (71), Lucic (50), Iginla (11 in 1995), Chara (56 in 1996), Krug (undrafted), Seidenberg(172), Rask (theft after Toronto drafted him at 21) all seem to be playing pretty well. I know they drafted Seguin at #2, but that was a Toronto pick as well.

In terms of the Canucks and who they draft, I just hope they draft the best player available regardless of position.

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I thought this was going to be about the 2014 draft again. Instead it's about past, irrelevant drafts.

We just played a game against Colorado, who now has 3 great young star forwards on their team. Landy is a horse and he's only 19. Duchene is a ridiculously fast two-way force. And MacKinnon is a future all-star.

Who cares about which 6-15 picks pan out or not when your competition is getting 1-5 picks and they're all better than what you've got to put on the ice?

Until we officially replace our franchise players, we'll remain pretenders.

landeskog turns 22 this year.

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Can't argue with the fact that drafting is an inexact science.

I'd like the Canucks to take Honka in our range (11ish)

I've watched Honka play live all year this year, unbelievable skater and has amazing hands, but he is on the small side, and plays terrible defensively. Plays similar to a Justin Schultz or Erik Karlsson, ALWAYS wanting to jump up with the play and make a play. Basically like having a 4th forward out there.

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Although for the most part each year generates its "Blue-Chip" PROSPECTS we have to remember that that's what they are ...PROSPECTS. The absolute WORST way to develop a winning team is to rely solely on the draft. There are more busts than booms, more 3rd and 4th liners than there are 1st liners. If the goal is to replenish 1st and 2nd line Forwards, Top 3-4 Dmen and a starting goalie, it's best to trade, F/A pickup and MOST importantly: develop them yourself. The biggest argument draft proponents like to make is how a gem is found later in the draft, or how "this guy drafted at 20th is better than that guy drafted at 5th". That's called development. The OP's original point is so true in that whether we draft at 10th or 20th it has less to do with the actual talent of the player now (or his Central Scouting ranking) and more to do with how we develop that player into the purpose for which we drafted him.

We look at Detroit and the success they had (ie/ Z and Datsyuk). But what IF they drafted them in the 1st round instead? Other GM's would have been laughing their butts off. In those years the supposed proclaimed "model of drafting efficiency" picked ahead of Z+D as follows:

1998 - Jiri Fischer, Ryan Barnes, Tomas Valtonen, Jake McCracken, Brent Hobday, Carl Steen and Adam DeLeeuw

1999 - Jari Tolsa, Anrej Maximenko and Kent McDonnell

So IF Detroit's drafting prowess is so legendary then:

1/ why risk losing out on future superstars by not taking them 1st overall?

2/ why have none of the others panned out (other than Fischer)?

Detroit is rolling the dice just like everyone else does on draft day. If the draft is so critical to building a winner then shouldn't Edmonton be a little further up the standings than they (perennially) are?

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Yay, someone who shares my love for McCann! Great post, I think anyone who is a regular nhler can be considered a success. You also demonstrated that some of the more hyped players like Hamil and Ellerby failed to really produce. It's because of this that I think we should shy away from Ehlers as top end talent doesn't translate to success at the NHL level.

McCann is by far the safest pick in the 10-14 range, with a decent amount of upside.

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I'd rather be able to decide which bust we get rather than have our options limited.

Yes exactly. It's quite stupid to say that draft position doesn't matter and bring up Detroit as an example. Yes draft position doesn't matter as much if we have the best scouting in the league or a crystal ball but unfortunately we have neither. As a result, drafting earlier obviously means we have a better and wider selection to choose from. The picks mentioned from 11-15 were passed over from the earlier picks. That's on the scouting staff that decided to take the busts over guys like karlsson, not the irrelevance of draft position.

By that logic, why even have a draft? Just have a random lottery to distribute random juniors to random teams

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Hold on, hold on. This was meant for the people who are whining about us not tanking for a slightly lower pick. At no point this season did we ever have a chance at a top five pick.

I gave an analysis on the picks in that range to simply prove that there isn't a huge difference in the picks from the range we are picking in, while others on this board believe that 6-10 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 11-15.

Also, isn't Landeskog 21? <_<

Actually, we have a higher chance of dropping to bottom 5 than jumping into a playoff spot. CAR/NSH/OTT/WPG need to keep winning. If they win 5 games each, and the canucks lose 5 games, we'll draft in the top 8.

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Actually, we have a higher chance of dropping to bottom 5 than jumping into a playoff spot. CAR/NSH/OTT/WPG need to keep winning. If they win 5 games each, and the canucks lose 5 games, we'll draft in the top 8.

You just as delusional as the people wanting to make playoffs, We have a better chance at catching MIN than those teams have at catching us.

If your thought process is thinking Vancouver should lose for better draft pick. Why would any of those team think any differently? They already control their fate of where they draft. Canucks on the other hand would have to lose then hope for some reason those other teams are motivated to move out of the top 10 in draft position.

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Be like Montreal or TBay. If you're gonna miss the playoffs, do it right

Montreal - makes playoffs in a row recently then miss one and got the top 3 pick (galchenyuk). Now theyre back in the playoff mix again.

TB - makes game 7 of east finals then misses playoffs for 2 seasons and got a top 3 pick on one of it (drouin). Now theyre back as a cup contender with a blue chip prospect to develop.

Canucks will be back to their winning ways next season with some changes in the lineup and coaching. But why not get a high draft pick and draft a blue chip prospect to at least get something out of this disappointing season.

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