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Would you rather be the Laughs or the Canucks right now?

Brick Tamland

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The laffs are horrible right now. Earlier in our skid Leaf nation was piling it on. They are pretty quiet right now.

We both have about the same 0% chance of making it but at least we are playing fairly well and look a lot better than those clowns.

As a true fan of the Canucks I cheer for the Leafs to lose by double digits every night.

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Canucks for sure.

Leafs have alot of problems. And I don't see them being solved with what they have. They are just a mess defensively, both from the forwards, and especially the D, they need atleast 1 or maybe 2 more top 4 guys IMO, and those aren't easy to get. Add to it they used both there buyouts & now put another handcuff on there team with the Clarkson contract.

For us we struggle to score, but are good defensively, and I think our offensive struggles had alot to do with injury at certains times this year, and some guys just having down years that they could bounce back from next season (Burr, Hansen) plus we have some young guys coming up who could help out with that.

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Canucks, obviously.

On the one hand, the Leafs are generally younger. But that also means those players are likely in their prime. And yet, look at where they are. Right where the Canucks are with a hellish season of injuries, despite us being in a much harder division/conference, adapting to a new coach, etc.

All signs point to TO simply not being good enough. Not to mention that their "leadership" core all seem to be a bunch of D-bags, personality-wise.

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