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Ryan kesler the beast

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Are we officially back into the "Goalie Graveyard" ? the fact that they won't play Markstrom AT ALL makes me think he'll be trade bait in the off season.

this team is overworked and tired, send the prospects down to utica and shut this season down, get the higher draft pick and start over next year.

Hopefully they can bring an offensive style back, because that was one of the most horrible games i've been able to watch in a long while.

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Season is over... all will be forgotten and forgiven if Gillis and the entire management gets fired in the summer.

at some point the players on the ice need to play better can't trade everyone on the roster

new gm new coach new water boy

doesn't matter how many changes you make to everyone above the players at some point those players on the ice need to take a good look in the mirror and ask themselves if they really think they can continue playing hockey may sound crazy but every single veteran on this team needs a big slap in the face and start caring about this team or retire

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