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Mafia - La guerra delle menti [GAME OVER - MAFIA WINS!]


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Okay so this is very entertaining to watch but GD is more than likely Mafia .

Reasoning He hasn't posted yet in the thread but he's reading his PM's . Then claims they're not Mafia related but refuses to show anybody. Then he claims sheriff and says Caboose is Mafia. Imo this just sounds way too much like a dastardly Mafioso caught in a web of his own cowardly lies

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Ilduce Im still watching you

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I didn't trust Kryten so I didn't wanna come out but my first investigation is caboose and he's mafia.

Please edit your post back to what it was before. THERE IS NO EDITING POSTS ALLOWED. Last warning or you will be god-killed.

Goes for everyone else, only time a edit is acceptable is if you posted a broken image or if you were an idiot and posted something homophobic or racist.

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