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Mafia - La guerra delle menti [GAME OVER - MAFIA WINS!]


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Guest Gumballthechewy

I know I'm not in the game but please never associate me and Kumar as the same person, thanks. No offense though Kumar.

Ouch! :P

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Just need a root canal. I should've said that earlier, probably making it sound more serious then it really is. It's just painful as hell until I go in and get it fixed on Thursday.

Root Canal's WOAT.

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First Nightfall

The Serial Killer had been complementing his first target, when all of a sudden a drowsy and drugged Go Faulk Yourself was roaming the streets, the target seemed easy enough, the Serial Killer snuck up behind Go Faulk Yourself and slit his throat. "Many more to come" murmured the Serial Killer.


The Mafia set out after their first target, poor Kryten was sitting outside his home trying to make friends with the neighbourhood raccoon before he took a bullet to the forehead.


The Vigilante, set out to make his mark on the town, he hit an un-expecting Bo Hunter Booth, and before he could speak another word, he was dead.

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