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Mafia - La guerra delle menti [GAME OVER - MAFIA WINS!]


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Guest Gumballthechewy

Unless killing kryten was a sacrifice by you and your teammates ;)

Umm, it says Kryten was TP.

Unless Otis is just messing with is all.....

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It's time for MR's vote analysis! GFY usually does it these days, but he's dead. And it's been awhile and I have nothing better to do.

(Pro tip! When MR is being this helpful, he is almost certainly Mafia!)

So this is how it went down in short form:

-Kryten votes GD simply because without a good target it's better to take out a silent player

-King Heffy points out GD is slated for Godkill at this rate and it might be a wasted lynch

-Kesler87 votes GD, agreeing with Kryten

-GD soon appears and says he is trying to catch up on the thread

-King Heffy catches GD using PMs right at this time

-GD claims it's unrelated to Mafia

-VIC asks him to invite someone in to these PMs to check

-GD agrees but hesitates on who to invite in

-Intoews votes GD

-King Heffy votes GD

-GD says he'll invite ilduce in

-VIC votes GD

-GD claims Sheriff

-gbassi votes GD

-Aladeen votes GD

-GD rages at gbassi (not sure what happened there?), claims he doesn't trust Kryten (hence no PM invite), and says Caboose was his Sheriff investigation and is Mafia

-PPCLI votes GD

-112 votes GD

-Peaches votes GD

-Gumball votes GD

-GFY votes GD

-BHB votes GD


Kryten's initial vote was simply based on GD's inactivity and had no real basis to it, and therefore neither did Kesler's support. It was King Heffy catching GD using PMs that really clinched the vote, along with GD's refusal to allow someone into the PM (VIC's suggestion). I would therefore say it's fair to assume King Heffy and VIC are, at this point, most likely TP, as there was no reason to call out a fellow Mafia member so thoroughly. (I don't think this clears Kesler, though, as he wouldn't have known the bandwagon would take off at the time he voted.) To a much lesser extent, Intoews' vote (technically before KH's and VIC's) also looks good on him, although he is certainly smart enough to foresee GD's doom and leap on the bandwagon quickly.

gbassi, Aladeen, PPCLI, 112, Peaches, Gumball, GFY, and BHB are all within the "suspicious zone." BHB and GFY are known TP, of course. But the remaining group six, along with possibly Intoewsables and Kesler87, almost certainly contain at least two or three Mafia, as the Mafia would have realised GD was doomed and hurried to leap on the bandwagon.

Not voting for GD: Caboose, MR, Silfverberg, ilduce, Burr, Luci, JE

Of this group, only ilduce appeared to be active during the time of game when the GD vote occurred. Worth noting he found time to post a big post about how he felt about everyone in the game (and listed GD as suspicious) but never did cast a vote, despite earlier in the round claiming he was going to follow Kryten's lead (and twice voting for whoever Kryten voted for.)

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Here are the actual votes so we can see exactly how they were worded and justified.

These two votes were before any evidence against GD:

Unvote Gumball; Vote Green Demon - not much else to go on and if we have to take a chance on someone; better it be a silent player than not (also provides a little info on Kesler).

Yeah I agree

I'm 90% sure GD is mafia but it might be a waste if he gets god killed anyways

Unvote;Vote GreenDemon

At this point King Heffy catches GD using PMs. GD claims they are unrelated to Mafia. VIC asks for GD to allow someone into the PM to verify this claim (Kryten and Intoews are suggested). GD waffles on this request. After a bit of time to allow GD to defend himself...

Vote GreenDemon

If it's irrelevant to mafia, there wouldn't be any info in there the mafia would care about. Plus, Kryten and Toews are the closest we have to confirmed TPs right now.


Vote GreenDemon

Not going to invite anyone in?
Vote GreenDemon

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(Part II)

GD claims Sheriff in a desperate bid. Now other players come out of the woodwork to get the bandwagon rolling full steam ahead.

Unvote; Vote GreenDemon


sorry guys I have been really laid up with a foot injury and like GFY have been on some serious pain meds.

I think Green Demon is the best bet right now.

Vote Green Demon

I may nap for a bit cause of the meds so I may not be back on before nightfall.

Okay so this is very entertaining to watch but GD is more than likely Mafia .

Reasoning He hasn't posted yet in the thread but he's reading his PM's . Then claims they're not Mafia related but refuses to show anybody. Then he claims sheriff and says Caboose is Mafia. Imo this just sounds way too much like a dastardly Mafioso caught in a web of his own cowardly lies

Unvote Vote Greendemon

Ilduce Im still watching you

^Investigated Caboose but is in contact with bassi and trusts ilduce. Doesn't exactly add up.

Vote GreenDemon

Just read the rest. Really GD.... Unvote; vote GreenDemon

Wow GreenDemon, you're doing worse than I am. For shame!

Unvote; Vote GreenDemon

Well, you can forget my shtick of disappearing and likely being inactive due to the painkillers. I THOUGHT I'd be drowsy as hell from the codeine and would basically be passed out this whole time, but rather, that hasn't been the case. These T3's are garbage and don't work for crap, so I'm just going to suffer, but atleast enjoy my suffering by remitting my activity into Mafia.

Anyways, Unvote Intoewsables; Vote GreenDemon

Oh, and @KH, yeah, I see your point, but like I said above, I expected the painkillers to knock me out, I guess I'm very tolerant to codeine, unfortunately.

(Note: too many quotes used, so BHB's vote will be in one more post below. But it goes right here.)

GFY and BHB are TP, we now know, but this group of votes is the suspicious one to me. There are Mafia hiding in here, I guarantee it.

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Why's that? I wasn't around at the time, but as far as I can see it was KH catching him using PMs that made him a legitimate target.

I called out kumar at the beginning of the game. Not to mention I was also the 2nd vote and killing GD was my suggestion in my pm to kryten. I'm sure his alliance will be able to confirm that. I can also invite you into my convo with him when I have a break during class

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Guest Gumballthechewy

Good first round as far as numbers go!

Oh yeah, excellent numbers... if you're mafia!


Vote: BurrDaMan

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Oh, one more thing. It's worth noting who GreenDemon called out as he flailed in his dying hours.

-He claimed to trust ilduce enough to invite him into the non-Mafia PM that he was supposedly checking

-He voted for Gumball to save himself, and later Caboose after claiming he was Sheriff and Caboose was Mafia

-He called out Kesler as suspicious

-He edited that post about gbassi that I don't fully understand

It's often a dying Mafia's wish to frame TP and/or clear Mafia teammates, but at this point it's hard to determine which names are which here.

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My suspicion list from all this:

-Ilduce - was online at the time of the GD vote but never voted for him, despite early in the game claiming he'd follow Kryten's vote (and twice doing so) + was GD's choice to be invited into the non-Mafia PM that he was supposedly using + others have said he's acting strangely

-gbassi - suuuper quiet, very unlike him, yet clearly lurking the thread as he popped out to vote for GD (and also earlier when GFY joking voted Peaches in gbassi's place - gbassi appeared and replied soon after)

-Kesler - was the only person to constantly question Kryten's claim, and now trying to take credit for the GD vote when he really had little to do with it

-Gumball - using the "Aladeen Mafia method" of being active by joking around but rarely actually contributing + bandwagon vote on GD

So for now, I am going to vote ilduce for the following reasons (same as above but in more detail):

1) Early in the round he admitted up front he was just going to vote however Kryten voted, and twice did so. However, he did not vote for GD when everyone else (including Kryten) did, and was the only player who didn't vote for GD who was clearly active at the time of the vote

2) GreenDemon wouldn't trust Kryten enough to invite him into a PM, but said he'd invite ilduce instead. No comment from ilduce on this being done that I saw?

3) I don't know ilduce that well, but I noticed at least two others (Kryten and I forget who) comment that he wasn't acting like "TP ilduce" usually acted. Intuition is far from infallible, but it's worth trusting sometimes.

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Possible that Bo was the Sheriff depending on what went on with Kryten.

He said the post about gbassi was response to gbassi's "lol" after he claimed sheriff

Said he was offended that no one believed him LOL

He said he later edited because it was confusing people

Think he was genuinely responding to bassi's post or just trying to throw us off?

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