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Mafia - La guerra delle menti [GAME OVER - MAFIA WINS!]


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I deleted my vote but can't change it - can we do med kit? Sounds like a nice wrinkle if we're playing vanilla.

Tie vote, GM gets tiebreaker, yay for med-kit!

Otis, you didn't spell "sheriff" correctly in our PM.

haven't even started yet kryten pls.

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Well since Kesler is likely to out his role at any moment, I should do so first in case he is the sheriff or something. I am the Bodyguard . If a TP is targeted for a kill and I protect them, I will be killed instead. Apparently Otis added this role because the medkit is in as opposed to the Doc. Specials, if you believe me (which you should, I never lie :)), please float me a PM so we can get a little something going (and possibly start an alliance as well ;)).

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